Interior Design & Scenography

The art of spark flight.

“Clear the stage …!” was yes­ter­day. Today, there’s no need for fan­fa­re, bal­ly­hoo or curtain noi­se. On the bou­le­vard, in the hotel, in the restau­rant, in the office and on the field – the pro­duc­tion can catch the eye and hos­pi­ta­li­ty can be expe­ri­en­ced, as it were, in pas­sing. It can be playful­ly honest, com­ple­te­ly rela­xed and natu­ral. In such a way that it makes you feel good. When hos­pi­ta­li­ty meets the fee­ling of the sea­son, shapes the zeit­geist, but abo­ve all: when it is always one step ahead. We need the fee­ling of being wel­co­me to feel at ease, whe­ther on a digi­tal sur­face or at a spar­king idea on site. To feel wel­co­me, to have a desi­re to dis­co­ver, to beco­me more curious and then to enjoy the sto­ry being told. That’s how we like to spark.