Cafeteria BSZ

Break room for
Power Snacks

Table with chairs in the school canteen of the Friedrichshafen vocational school centre designed by atelier 522.

More food for the brain. It’s available in the can­teen of the Fried­richs­ha­fen indus­tri­al school. After all, the­re has to be room some­whe­re for jui­cy salad and deli­cious lemo­na­de. And for tho­se who want to know exact­ly – for exam­p­le, why lemons float but limes don’t – the­re are boards with spe­cial smi­ling know­ledge. After all, school is a place of lear­ning. The­se uni­que break rooms were desi­gned by the crea­ti­ve nerds at ate­lier 522.

Design & Strategy

It does­n’t just tas­te bet­ter tog­e­ther – it also lear­ns more effec­tively. For the rede­sign of the can­teen, we were ent­rus­ted with the gas­tro­no­my archi­tec­tu­re and the com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on design, which we have given a new coat of paint with lovin­g­ly sel­ec­ted design ele­ments. It’s nice to see that the fresh bree­ze also makes for a stor­my crowd and thus a hap­py operator.

Impulsive room design

When a simp­le can­teen beco­mes an urban cafe­te­ria with an edu­ca­tio­nal cha­rac­ter. When stu­dents are eager to learn tog­e­ther, we have real­ly done ever­y­thing right when it comes to inte­ri­or design. From modern inte­ri­or design and aes­the­tic fur­ni­tu­re to cool typo­gra­phy on the walls – here the stu­dents are not only pro­vi­ded with deli­cious food, but also with crea­ti­ve impul­ses. And for tho­se who pre­fer to munch on their own, we have of cour­se crea­ted appro­pria­te retre­at cor­ners. Bon appétit!

Ser­vice phases:
LPH 1 – 8
Total area:
365 sqm
Con­s­truc­tion time:
10 months

Who would have known?

Smi­ling know­ledge as a sty­lish deco­ra­ti­ve ele­ment ins­tead of mere décor. All this packed into meaningful typo­gra­phies. Our crea­ti­ve com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on designs run through the refec­to­ry like a red thread. Only in black and white. Sta­ring at the wall has never been more inte­res­t­ing – or more meaningful.

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