Cafeteria Stockach

Energy boost!

How do you moti­va­te pupils to learn? Good food is a good basis. Food for the brain, so that the brain can eat. The stra­te­gic design of ate­lier 522 alre­a­dy came tog­e­ther with the city of Stock­ach at the grass­roots level to deve­lop a coher­ent con­cept for the can­teen in the new buil­ding of the Nel­len­burg School. What does the new buil­ding offer, what do the pupils and tea­chers need – and what could moti­va­te a sui­ta­ble ope­ra­tor to take over the run­ning of the cafeteria?

Introduce to design

The new refec­to­ry and its out­door area were to be modu­lar and effi­ci­ent. But to feel good and as a refu­ge. Tables at dif­fe­rent heights now allow a free, uncon­ven­tio­nal choice of sea­ting. In addi­ti­on, dia­go­nal­ly arran­ged lamel­la struc­tures for semi-trans­pa­rent retre­ats. The use of natu­ral mate­ri­als such as stone and wood crea­te a dura­ble design that does not break down but acqui­res a pati­na, while remai­ning dyna­mic and clear. School can defi­ni­te­ly also be cool!

Space-creating gastronomy architecture

Semi-trans­pa­rent slat struc­tures are not only a real eye-cat­cher, they also allow are­as to be intel­li­gent­ly demar­ca­ted. Space-crea­ting and at the same time res­trai­ned. A real all-round talent in inte­ri­or design. Like the acou­stic panels, which pro­vi­de a plea­sant back­ground noi­se when peo­p­le are deba­ting, bre­wing or sim­ply laug­hing hear­ti­ly. Four ser­ving points, ins­tead of the usu­al two, make for more effi­ci­ent food dis­tri­bu­ti­on. And the­re will be more time to relax during the break.

Ser­vice phases:
LPH 1 – 8
Total area:
365 sqm
Con­s­truc­tion time:
10 months

Learned is learned

Who? How? What? Why? Why? Why? In order to intro­du­ce know­ledge to the pupils in a playful way during the break, we have cover­ed the walls of the cafe­te­ria with lots of fun facts in attrac­ti­ve typo­gra­phy. For exam­p­le, why lemons float but limes don’t. A crea­ti­ve com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on con­cept that was a com­ple­te success.

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