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We use them count­less times a day – con­trol ele­ments for light­ing and com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on. Whe­ther small, lar­ge, round, squa­re, flat or rai­sed, Fel­ler as the Swiss mar­ket lea­der pro­vi­des tan­gi­ble access to intel­li­gent tech­no­lo­gy with its inno­va­ti­ve swit­ches and socket out­lets. And thus for qua­li­ty of life in all rooms. True to the mot­to “Make the most of your ener­gy”, the com­pa­ny wants to shi­ne as an impul­se gene­ra­tor and actively inform and inspi­re both B2B cus­to­mers and end con­su­mers in Switz­er­land with regard to pro­duct diver­si­ty and appli­ca­ti­ons. And whe­re bet­ter to do that than on a plat­form like Insta­gram? And becau­se we too are only too hap­py to inspi­re with our ener­gy, we are accom­pany­ing Fel­ler on this journey.

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Crea­ting a stage for see­mingly incon­spi­cuous ever­y­day pro­ducts. Aes­the­ti­cal­ly and in a varied way. For the rea­lignment of the exis­ting Insta­gram pre­sence, a stra­tegy had to be deve­lo­ped with the aim of incre­asing the reach and the num­ber of sub­scri­bers within Switz­er­land. Fed by exis­ting and new image mate­ri­al, the Fel­ler brand was to be per­cei­ved in future by archi­tects, inte­ri­or desi­gners, buil­ders and pri­va­te indi­vi­du­als as a crea­ti­ve source of refe­rence and inspi­ra­ti­on. In addi­ti­on, archi­tec­tures of dif­fe­rent styl­es are put in the right light, which have one thing in com­mon: the har­mo­nious inte­gra­ti­on of Fel­ler pro­ducts. This is illus­tra­ted by an emo­tio­nal feed that authen­ti­cal­ly unites the past, the pre­sent and the visionary.

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Taking a look at the fami­li­ar from new per­spec­ti­ves. Always with the big pic­tu­re in mind, we enjoy­ed first des­cen­ding into a wide varie­ty of visu­al worlds and then emer­ging again with a coher­ent con­cept. Crea­ti­ve imple­men­ta­ti­on in the form of typo­gra­phies, gra­phics, pro­duct illus­tra­ti­ons, ani­ma­ti­ons and films. In com­bi­na­ti­on with his­to­ri­cal ele­ments, the­se com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on ele­ments have sin­ce for­med the frame­work of Feller’s new social media pre­sence. One that puts all con­tent in the lime­light in a char­ming way.