Ochsner Sport Zurich

Do your thing!

“Switz­er­land is our sports ground”. Almost 60 years after its foun­ding, Ochs­ner Sport is reinven­ting its­elf. With around 80 shops, the com­pa­ny, which was foun­ded in 1961 and has been part of the Deich­mann Group sin­ce 1992, is the mar­ket lea­der in the Swiss Con­fe­de­ra­ti­on. As part of a broad omnich­an­nel stra­tegy to renew its brand pre­sence, we rea­li­sed a con­cept for the Zurich store Ochs­ner Sport Pro that embo­dies the brand essence of the tra­di­tio­nal sup­pli­er. Com­ple­te­ly new stan­dards that we have mani­fes­ted and made tan­gi­ble in terms of per­for­mance and sports competence.

The full load of sport!

Rea­dy, Set, Go for Run, Bike & Trail: We have given Ochs­ner Sport Pro a new look, inclu­ding a com­ple­te res­truc­tu­ring of the pro­duct ran­ge plus a sel­ec­ted ran­ge of top brands. And, exten­ded with exci­ting ser­vice offers. The new brand image picks up on what Ochs­ner Sport means by “Pro”: the full load of sport! The start­ing signal for the Swiss sport­ing are­na of the future.

Ser­vice phases:
LPH 1 – 3 / 5
Total area:
2,000 sqm
Con­s­truc­tion time:
2 months

Seasonal interplay

Modern cool­ness suits two very dif­fe­rent the­med worlds that alter­na­te on the 1,000 squa­re met­re ground flo­or of the Sport­haus: from March to Sep­tem­ber, con­cen­tra­ted bike com­pe­tence with a work­shop and fit­ting zone. From Octo­ber to Febru­ary, on the other hand, snow fun with ski boot fit­ting, ski and snow­board ren­tal and an alpi­ne test cent­re. Pure action, for which we have crea­ted the appro­pria­te stage. Clean con­cre­te com­bi­ned with ele­gant per­fo­ra­ted she­eting, plus black, mini­ma­list shel­ving sys­tems on neon tubes. An open, dark cei­ling con­trasts with the light grey of the walls and flo­ors. A mat­ter-of-fact ambi­ence, which nevert­hel­ess does not appear under­coo­led. Ins­tead, it har­mo­ni­s­es with the tech appeal of the rest of the fur­nis­hings and the goods on display.

The goal always before your eyes

On the upper flo­or, the mot­to “Run & Train” is play­ed out over 600 squa­re met­res. Here, too, redu­ced, all-black shel­ving sys­tems come into play. Illu­mi­na­ted by three-dimen­sio­nal­ly arran­ged fluo­re­s­cent tubes that not only gui­de the eye but also struc­tu­re the sales space ver­ti­cal­ly. A com­bi­na­ti­on of gol­den, black and white per­fo­ra­ted she­eting is com­bi­ned to form sepa­ra­te cubes that ser­ve as walk-on stages for the pre­sen­ta­ti­on of goods. Tar­ge­ted com­po­si­ti­ons set punc­tu­al high­lights, a well thought-out choice of mate­ri­als sup­ports the pro­ducts in their presence.

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