Where desire arises

Riding bare­foot in the mor­ning dew, wild and bare­back across the mea­dow, dancing on the boat, cat­ching the last rays of the sun on your nose. Dive in. Dive in. Sai­ling into distant worlds. The real ones and the ones that spring from the ima­gi­na­ti­on. What do the­se posi­tively char­ged places have in com­mon? A strong attrac­tion emana­tes from them. Anyo­ne who wants to beco­me part of the phe­no­me­non must have visi­ted and expe­ri­en­ced the­se places at least once in their life. That is the magic of desire.

We crea­te the places of desi­re. Tho­se that are cove­ted and arou­se desi­re again and again. To do this, we put objects and sto­ries in the right light, stage, dis­gu­i­se and reve­al. We cura­te, trans­form pro­ducts into valuable “relics”, crea­te ritu­als and mul­ti­sen­sual­ly char­ge the expe­ri­ence. From the archi­tec­tu­re, the space, the sur­face to the pro­duct and its histo­ry – we tru­ly per­cei­ve. Rese­arch, obser­ve and expe­ri­ment. Tell exci­ting sto­ries. We accom­pa­ny you from your dream to the tan­gi­ble idea to the finis­hed object of desi­re. For the act of impul­se that awa­kens the spi­rit of dis­co­very. For today and tomorrow.



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