Cor­e­um Tech­no­lo­gy that inspi­res Core – the heart. Forum – the plat­form. The hos­pi­ta­li­ty and the try­ing out. Packed into one word: Cor­e­um. In autumn 2018, the 120,000 squa­re met­re test site in Stock­stadt am Rhein ope­ned its doors. Here you can expe­ri­ence live and learn what will shape and build our urban envi­ron­ment of the future. Technologies …

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somersaults in the head

Buil­ding, rom­ping, hiding, giving free rein to ide­as, doing somer­saults in our heads: we play­ed as child­ren. And we were hap­py doing it. Espe­ci­al­ly when we play­ed tog­e­ther. We inven­ted new things, flew in our minds to undis­co­ver­ed uni­ver­ses, crea­ted our very own worlds with all our senses.