Sense and sensuality

Gent­le as a fea­ther – migh­ty as a rock. Water has always been an ele­men­tal for­ce. An ele­ment that pro­vi­des both strength and rege­ne­ra­ti­on. Bet­te con­nects peop­le and water. With archi­tec­to­nic ele­ments for the bathroom that inspi­re and acti­va­te. Which crea­te soot­hing ritu­als of expe­ri­ence through flowing shapes in the hig­hest pre­cisi­on craft­s­manship. Moments of being with oneself, which we gave a sen­su­al touch with our com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on campaign.

Flowing aesthetics

Invi­si­ble for sure. How do you build a visu­al bridge bet­ween safe­ty and design free­dom? Bet­te pro­ducts crea­te the con­nec­tion. They can be varied through a ran­ge of dif­fe­rent colours and dimen­si­ons and open up inspi­ring scope for any bathroom design.

To match the brand’s new anti-slip sur­face, we deve­lo­ped a com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on cam­pai­gn in addi­ti­on to the appro­pria­te name – inclu­ding a refres­hing claim film, key visu­al and micro­si­te. Aes­the­tic crea­ti­ve work that goes down like warm water. Immer­se yourself in the mul­ti­fa­ce­ted world of Bette.


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Dir gefällt das?
Dann tei­le es gerne: