Tettnanger Krone

A new

Qua­li­ty means focu­sing on the essen­ti­als. Our gui­ding princip­le real­ly hits the mark at Tett­nan­ger Kro­ne, both visual­ly and tas­te­ful­ly. In kee­ping with the tra­di­ti­on and puri­ty law dating back to 1516, Tett­nan­ger Kro­ne beers are still bre­wed from the finest aro­ma­tic hops using direct firing, befo­re being stored in deep cel­lar vaults for up to three mon­ths. We gave the brand a revamp and uni­form cor­po­ra­te design that lends our gui­ding princi­ples a crow­ning touch. So the popu­lar Kro­nen­bier now boasts a new look.

“Magic potion” communication design

A pro­duct that inspi­res its tar­get audi­ence – across all chan­nels. Our com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on design for Tett­nan­ger Kro­ne achie­ved what it set out to do: to pro­vi­de over­whel­ming inspi­ra­ti­on. Online. Off­line. Bet­ween the lines. It tas­te­ful­ly appealed to all the sen­ses, thanks to crea­ti­ve image­ry and pro­duct fly­ers, plush cor­po­ra­te fur­nis­hings as well as ana­lo­gue and digi­tal sales tools.

Web design

Seven genera­ti­ons of histo­ry, expe­ri­ence and brewing exper­ti­se have made Tett­nan­ger Kro­ne what it is today. The rede­si­gned web­site pro­vi­des exci­ting insights into its histo­ry. As well as ever­ything you need to know about its Kro­ne Bre­we­ry, Braue­rei­gast­hof restau­rant and accom­mo­da­ti­on busi­ness units. Now clear­ly sepa­ra­ted, thanks to our con­cept, and thus reco­gnis­able as inde­pen­dent seg­ments. All spor­ting the look of the new cor­po­ra­te design, of cour­se. Making it even easier to digi­tal­ly brow­se the past – and the present.


What would a bot­t­le be without a sui­ta­ble logo? We adap­ted the labels of this tra­di­tio­nal brand to its new, mini­ma­list design lan­guage. Focu­sing on the essen­ti­als, of cour­se – the wor­d­ing, which is now as clear and memo­r­able as the beer its­elf. Qua­li­ty stands out from the crowd. And this now app­lies to the sales area too, thanks to the vibrant brand designation.

Introducing the “Kronenwagen”

A dif­fe­rent way of drin­king beer: qua­li­ty Tett­nan­ger Kro­ne beer can now be enjoy­ed at this uni­que­ly desi­gned bar. Beer lovers will be deligh­ted with this com­bi­na­ti­on of finest Tett­nan­ger aro­ma­tic hops and cle­ver design. This por­ta­ble refresh­ment stand is an ide­al acces­so­ry at tra­de fairs and events, being both high­ly func­tio­n­al and ele­gant. And for all tho­se who are com­ple­te­ly bow­led over with its hip design, our “Kro­nen­wa­gen” is also avail­ab­le to hire!

Transparent factory

The “trans­pa­rent fac­to­ry and cate­ring faci­li­ties“ have the poten­ti­al to beco­me not only a tou­rist attrac­tion, but also an attrac­ti­ve mee­ting place in and for Tett­nang resi­dents. The pro­duc­tion faci­li­ty has been updated and enhan­ced with modern archi­tec­tu­re. The bre­w­house, fer­men­ting room and parts of the sto­rage cel­lar are clear­ly visi­ble in the new buil­ding. Roun­ded off by the inte­gra­ted restau­rant, the­re is now more space for the Tett­nan­ger Kro­ne expe­ri­ence. An exci­ting sym­bio­sis of moder­ni­ty and tra­di­ti­on that crea­tes an authen­tic brand expe­ri­ence and enri­ches the town with a popu­lar visi­tor attraction.