Messe Dornbirn

Encounters in
a cultural

Crea­ting the space and oppor­tu­ni­ty for memo­r­able encoun­ters. For sharing ide­as, goods and ser­vices face-to-face. Whe­re moder­ni­ty and cul­tu­re meet. Mes­se Dorn­birn deve­lo­ps and orga­ni­ses con­tem­pora­ry events with an authen­tic refe­rence to busi­ness and socie­ty. We have enhan­ced the stra­te­gy and design of the Mes­se Dorn­birn brand and streng­t­he­ned its posi­tio­ning with the mot­to: ‘Expe­ri­ence mar­kets live’.

A question of perspective

What does the future hold for tra­de fairs? Which topics do peop­le want to expe­ri­ence at first hand? We have impro­ved the per­cep­ti­on of Dorn­birn Exhi­bi­ti­on Cent­re, not only extern­al­ly, but also con­tex­tual­ly. The Gus­tav inter­na­tio­nal tra­de fair for deman­ding con­su­mer cul­tu­re was crea­ted in one of our work­shops. As your dis­cus­sion part­ner, we take the time to ask the right ques­ti­ons, ther­eby crea­ting various per­spec­ti­ves and thus unex­pec­ted solutions.

Corporate design that sends a signal

The uni­que archi­tec­tu­re of the exhi­bi­ti­on halls pro­ved to be a source of inspi­ra­ti­on for the new cor­po­ra­te design. The ent­ran­ce area, which is bathed in red, is more than just the face of Mes­se Dorn­birn; it also draws visi­tors into a sin­gu­lar world, almost by magic. For us, it goes without say­ing that this ele­ment is also now reflec­ted as a con­sis­tent key visu­al. On pos­ters and ban­ners, in brochu­res and tra­de-fair cata­lo­gues, on employee IDs and givea­ways. And of cour­se on all com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on chan­nels. From web­sites to tickets – the com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on mate­ri­als now boast a modern design, con­tras­ting colour sche­me and clear messages.

Zoomed in

Making poten­ti­al exhi­bi­tors awa­re of the mul­ti­fa­ce­ted natu­re of Mes­se Dorn­birn: to do this, we adop­ted the exis­ting image­ry as a uni­form ele­ment and con­ver­ted this into a repre­sen­ta­ti­ve form. The result is an image brochu­re that high­lights the bene­fits and charm of the Dorn­birn venue. And to ensu­re that visi­tors atten­ding a tra­de fair can easi­ly find their way around at all times, we have also imple­men­ted both an ana­lo­gue and inter­ac­ti­ve site map to gui­de them through each exhi­bi­ti­on area.