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Bet­ter to take a risk and fail than not try at all. Cou­ra­ge­ous, con­fi­dent and fearless. This is the mot­to of the ski sport arti­cle manu­fac­tu­rer Ato­mic. The com­pa­ny has set its­elf the goal of crea­ting the best ski­ing expe­ri­en­ces for all ski­ers. And how? With equip­ment that takes you to the next level. We too are always loo­king for new chal­len­ges. The ide­al basis for taking on the struc­tu­ring of the pro­duct ran­ge for Ato­mic, inclu­ding the design of the tra­de fair stand and various sales dis­plays. And the work was defi­ni­te­ly worth it: the sym­bio­sis of pro­duct ran­ge con­sul­ting, dis­play and tra­de fair design ended up on the win­ners’ rostrum.

Things come together that belong together

Peop­le want to be inspi­red. They want to be shown what is pos­si­ble. We think of pro­ducts being exclu­si­ve­ly in con­texts – as we did when we rest­ruc­tu­red the Ato­mic ran­ge. Rigid pro­duct cate­go­ries were bro­ken up, and ins­tead we crea­ted lively the­me worlds that bring tog­e­ther pro­ducts that belong tog­e­ther. The­se worlds were then trans­fer­red to the tra­de fair design to smooth­ly con­nect manu­fac­tu­rers, retailers and the POS off­line and online. And this, at the world’s lar­gest tra­de fair for spor­ting goods and fashion, the ISPO in Munich., and

The charm of the alpine hut with a twist

The desi­re for hos­pi­ta­li­ty and pro­fes­sio­nal advice – we know all about this disci­pli­ne. Sin­ce 2010, we have had the plea­su­re of trans­forming the Ato­mic tra­de fair stand into a place of com­fort and infor­ma­ti­on. The result is an open and trans­pa­rent archi­tec­tu­re, com­bi­ned with dif­fe­rent huts, which show­ca­se the wide ran­ge of pro­ducts in a way that meets the needs of the visi­tors. Here, the ‘race’ equip­ment con­veys a dif­fe­rent mes­sa­ge to that for ‘free ski­ers’ or ‘tou­rers’. This sets accents in terms of pro­duct mes­sa­ge and atmo­s­phe­re. The ‘Women’ and ‘Kids’ collec­tions are pre­sen­ted with warm­th and friend­li­ness, as well as a touch of play­ful­ness. The ‘Race’ sec­tion is more tech­ni­cal, whe­re the mate­ri­al speaks for its­elf. Line­ar. Sim­ply cool.

Ser­vice phases:
HOAI 1 – 9
850 m²
Georg Reisch
GmbH & Co. KG

On digital paths

Ato­mic has a lar­ge online com­mu­ni­ty. The hash­tag #WEARESKIING the­re­fo­re com­bi­nes the most diver­se levels. But this attrac­ti­ve con­tent is not only shared by the com­pa­ny its­elf – ath­le­tes and hob­by sports­men and women also con­tri­bu­te a lar­ge part of the impres­si­ons from around the world. Our tra­de fair design inte­gra­ted this social media stra­te­gy, which skil­ful­ly gene­ra­tes awa­reness for the brand and forms a suc­cess­ful basis for fur­ther owned, paid and ear­ned social media content.

Change of awareness

Brin­ging the hid­den adven­ture to your stand. Making pro­duct design an expe­ri­ence. We used over­si­zed image for­mats to crea­te the access and allow visi­tors to dive direct­ly into the worlds of the various collec­tions. You get to expe­ri­ence the pro­ducts up clo­se and feel them on the skin, under the feet and on the head. Pro­duct dis­plays from our com­pa­ny inte­gra­ted into the pic­tu­re han­gers offer access to the digi­tal cata­lo­gue as well as live ski coverage of the Hah­nen­kamm race. This is a har­mo­nious who­le, in com­bi­na­ti­on with ana­lo­gue struc­tures, that we were able to inte­gra­te into the sta­tio­na­ry Ato­mic shop one-to-one.