The new heartbeat
of the construction industry

200,000,000 tons of alu­mi­ni­um are cur­r­ent­ly ’stored’ in buil­dings around the world. Rea­dy for respon­si­ble resour­ce recy­cling. Old mate­ri­al is mel­ted down and new alu­mi­ni­um solu­ti­ons deve­lo­ped. A clear examp­le: the city of the future will be recy­cled – accord­ing to Wico­na Ger­ma­ny. But this will only work if buil­ders, archi­tects and metal­wor­kers also belie­ve this and opt for the appro­pria­te mate­ri­al: Hydro CIRCAL. A new web­site and a sus­taina­bi­li­ty cam­pai­gn were inten­ded to pro­vi­de the sti­mu­lus for this.

Wicona Worldwide

To sus­tain this fee­ling, we revi­sed the company’s exis­ting cor­po­ra­te design and crea­ted a new web­site. Based on our tar­get group ana­ly­sis, we deve­lo­ped both the wire­frame and a func­tio­n­al UX + UI design that was rol­led out on all pages and sub-pages. The result is an intel­li­gent navi­ga­ti­on con­cept that enab­les a tar­get group-spe­ci­fic intro­duc­tion to the world of Wico­na, while allowing pre­cise con­tent dif­fe­ren­tia­ti­on for archi­tects, plan­ners and inves­tors. We pro­vi­ded advice on the tech­ni­cal imple­men­ta­ti­on of our pro­to­ty­pe, by deve­lo­ping a sui­ta­ble programmer’s style guide.

How to start a revolution!

We the­re­fo­re encou­ra­ged Wico­na to pre­sent the facts and invi­ted them to join us in star­ting a revo­lu­ti­on. So befo­re, during and after BAU 2019 in Munich, the com­pa­ny used eye-catching, fac­tu­al com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on via web, social media and ani­ma­ti­on, print and lar­ge screens to encou­ra­ge peop­le to make a heart-felt decisi­on and join the revo­lu­ti­on! And dis­co­ver the heart­beat of the future. Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on that tou­ches every mem­ber of the tar­get audience.

Motion design with a real future

Cer­ti­fied alu­mi­ni­um sys­tem solu­ti­ons with at least 75 per cent recy­cled end-of-life alu­mi­ni­um. Wico­na is con­vin­ced that the city of the future will be built using rene­wa­ble resour­ces. We just need to be wil­ling to take a chan­ce. We com­pi­led the company’s visi­ons in an ani­ma­ted film that com­bi­nes tech­ni­cal sophisti­ca­ti­on with aes­the­tics – just like Wicona’s pro­ducts. A pro­mi­sing sign to illu­mi­na­te our future.

Pulsating exhibit

Crea­ting tru­ly visio­na­ry buil­dings means taking the future serious­ly. And the fini­te natu­re of our resour­ces. The pro­vo­ca­ti­ve instal­la­ti­on on its stand at BAU 2019 in Munich also demons­tra­ted that Wico­na is extre­me­ly serious about sus­taina­bi­li­ty. We desi­gned a pul­sa­ting organ made of alu­mi­ni­um pro­files for this, who­se pre­sence could not be igno­red, eit­her visual­ly or acoustically.