Two in town

Hot trends, which you encoun­ter, ide­al­ly, as soon as you enter the store. Which catch your eye befo­re you even get to see them. We were com­mis­sio­ned by the Ess­lin­gen-based fashion com­pa­ny ‘trag­bar’ to give two stores a new look to reflect what each name pro­mi­ses. And to ensu­re that ever­ything fits tog­e­ther per­fect­ly from top to bot­tom, we also crea­ted a cor­re­spon­ding com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on design.

Natural contrasts

‘trag­bar’ means weara­ble or por­ta­ble – qui­te an unusu­al name for a fashion com­pa­ny. And that is pre­cise­ly why it is so exci­ting. Becau­se it attracts atten­ti­on amid the colour­ful and ran­dom hum of the shop­ping streets. Our con­cept for “trag­bar trend­we­ar” crea­tes a space with a dyna­mic feel and strong con­trasts. A dia­go­nal gen­der split, with men’s and women’s clot­hing dia­go­nal­ly opposite.

While clean white domi­na­tes in the women’s area, the men’s zone has been given a rough, unvar­nis­hed cement colour tone. With a grey base, ear­thy tones and unt­rea­ted pro­duct car­ri­ers. The dif­fe­rence attracts atten­ti­on: while urban wear for women is on pro­duct dis­plays sus­pen­ded from the cei­ling, men’s jum­pers are sta­cked on car­ri­er sys­tems instal­led on the floor. And the goods meet in a lar­ge space – for more equa­li­ty on one pre­sen­ta­ti­on plat­form. The atri­um high­lights the gen­der-neu­tral pre­sen­ta­ti­on area in a natu­ral way.

Ser­vice phases:
LPH 1 – 9
Total area:
140 m²
Con­struc­tion time:
8 weeks

Authentic. Striking.

As a coun­ter­part to ‘trag­bar’, the second retail out­let ‘tragbar.pure’ loca­ted in the cent­re of the city on the Neckar River, pres­ents exclu­si­ve fashion and access­ories at a hig­her pri­ce level. Here we were inspi­red asso­cia­tively by the the­me ‘raw’. By which we mean the com­bi­na­ti­on of old and new ele­ments as well as high-qua­li­ty natu­ral mate­ri­als such as solid wood, steel, lea­ther, glass and con­cre­te. We have roun­ded it all off with an over­si­zed wall of plants, making shop­ping here a uni­que experience.

The exis­ting stone floor was left in place, the remai­ning are­as were fil­led with screed. The walls of the shop were also allo­wed to remain in their ‘raw sta­te’ and form the authen­tic basis of the con­cept. Cus­tom-made, uncon­ven­tio­nal pro­duct car­ri­ers made of squa­re steel pro­files wind their way sculp­tu­ral­ly through the cen­tral area and form shel­ves on the bare walls – con­nec­ting floor and cei­ling – on which the goods are dis­play­ed on glass shel­ves. For exhaus­ted shop­ping vic­tims, the store also offers a green oasis of calm, which pro­vi­des rela­xa­ti­on in the inner courtyard.

Brand portability

Beau­ti­ful bags pro­vi­ded for your purcha­ses. We crea­ted new logos for the Ess­lin­gen-based fashion com­pa­ny, which clear­ly repre­sent what is insi­de the two stores: modern natu­ral­ness. ‘trag­bar’ on shop­ping bags, for examp­le – and on sim­ply anything that brings awa­reness … inde­ed, anything that is ‘trag­bar’ (por­ta­ble).