through play

‘Humans are only ful­ly human when they play’, said the poet and phi­lo­so­pher Fried­rich Schil­ler. Spiel­zeug­mu­se­um Rie­hen is a place whe­re visi­tors young and old can – and should – indul­ge their spi­rit of dis­co­very. A place whe­re exhi­bits are not hid­den away in dis­play cabi­nets, but can be expe­ri­en­ced ins­tead. From 2021, when the muse­um reopens as an inter­ac­ti­ve, mul­ti-genera­tio­nal faci­li­ty, this will be true to a grea­ter extent. We are sup­por­ting the toy muse­um in this case as well, pro­vi­ding an appro­pria­te con­struc­tion site pos­ter during the reno­va­ti­on peri­od and a new logo and new name as well.

Strategy & consulting

Mul­ti-sen­su­al, inter­ac­ti­ve exhi­bi­ti­ons, lec­tures, and work­shops during which child­ren in par­ti­cu­lar can beco­me fami­li­ar with and immer­se them­sel­ves in the muse­um world. We have cap­tu­red the mul­ti-face­ted world of Spiel­zeug­mu­se­um Rie­hen and trans­la­ted our ide­as into appe­aling com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on media, inclu­ding muse­um gui­des, event fly­ers, pos­ters, and ani­ma­ti­ons. And to ensu­re that they are seen by young and old ali­ke, we have also given free rein to our PR expertise.

Temporary stages

We’­re crea­ting a world…to plea­se our­sel­ves. Or rather, to plea­se kids. For sto­ry-tel­ling and major per­for­man­ces, we have crea­ted a com­mon “cul­tu­ral stair­ca­se” with an inte­gra­ted bar and sta­ge for the toy muse­um and the Rie­hen com­mu­ni­ty. A spe­cial kind of pop-up sta­ge for con­certs, open-air cine­ma, and theat­re with uni­ver­sal appeal. And various inter­ac­ti­ve exhi­bits that invi­te visi­tors in for a clo­ser look in the courty­ard. They are all about tou­ch­ing and joi­ning in, not sim­ply loo­king and watching.

Graphic design for children
(and their parents)

Joi­ning in, par­ti­ci­pa­ting, expe­ri­en­cing – if you want to inspi­re child­ren, you have to put yourself in their shoes and speak the same lan­guage. We are good at see­ing the world through their eyes, which is why we have the­re­fo­re given our crea­ti­ve sen­se of design free rein. In the form of uncon­ven­tio­nal gra­phics for pos­ters, fly­ers, and muse­um gui­des that both child­ren and their par­ents will enjoy. Ana­lo­gue and digi­tal­ly ani­ma­ted. A colour­ful mix of infor­ma­ti­on mate­ri­al that makes them want to explo­re and expe­ri­ence, play and laugh.


Signs for ori­en­ta­ti­on who­se fluffy cloud design is remi­nis­cent of Old Mother Frost. The result is signa­ge that encou­ra­ges visi­tors to try ever­ything the toy muse­um has to offer.


Room graphics

Exhi­bi­ti­ons are usual­ly brought to life by the silent actors who reve­al them­sel­ves to visi­tors. This also app­lies to the toy museum’s doll exhi­bi­ti­on. With the small but sub­t­le dif­fe­rence that the gra­phics are also per­cei­ved as being part of the artis­tic set­ting. Be it as sen­ten­ces on the walls or in the form of rota­ting panels – they address ever­yo­ne in a spe­cial way.