A beautifully
laid table

Our col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with Rosen­thal wasn’t a fai­ry tale – it was a dream come true. Today no less than when it was foun­ded over 135 years ago, the com­pa­ny from the Fich­tel Moun­tains deve­lo­ps por­ce­lain pro­ducts with impres­si­ve form, func­tion, qua­li­ty, and craft­s­manship. Part of cul­tu­re ‘made in Ger­ma­ny’, they are often han­ded down from genera­ti­on to genera­ti­on. For the company’s tren­dy Tho­mas brand, we deve­lo­ped a con­cept to awa­ke young adults’ inte­rest in porcelain.

Strategy & consulting

Young peop­le and table­wa­re? Anyo­ne who thinks the two are mutual­ly exclu­si­ve should think again. You just need to whet their appe­ti­te. We stra­te­gi­cal­ly rede­si­gned Rosenthal’s Tho­mas brand – both two and three-dimen­sio­nal­ly. Ever­ything from a sin­gle source. The princi­pal aim was to redu­ce the age of the cus­to­mer base from over 40 to over 20.

Traditional brands in traditional department stores

Als­ter­haus in Ham­burg and KaDeWe in Ber­lin – depart­ment stores that have long tra­di­ti­ons and who­se names alo­ne exu­de sophisti­ca­ti­on. For the­se dis­tin­guis­hed loca­ti­ons, we imple­men­ted a shop con­cept that is worthy of Rosen­thal. Well-desi­gned, yet not bour­geois. Ins­tead, tren­dy and tas­te­ful. The best thing: it not only hel­ps to pre­sent the pro­ducts, but can also be purcha­sed in order to show­ca­se one’s very own world of por­ce­lain at home.

Ser­vice phases:
HOAI 1 – 9
70 m²
Con­struc­tion time:
3 weeks

The international stage for porcelain

Inte­gra­ted design – con­sis­tent, yet extre­me­ly diver­se. Becau­se our shop ide­as also work well as a tra­de fair and exhi­bi­ti­on con­cept, we pre­sen­ted them at Ambi­en­te in Frank­furt am Main. Our 400-squa­re-met­re booth fea­tured crea­ti­ve wall illus­tra­ti­ons that beau­ti­ful­ly show­ca­sed the fur­ni­tu­re and access­ories. Inters­per­sed with the finest por­ce­lain, of course.

Dinner is served!

Hard­ly anything is more inspi­ring than pho­tos. Except perhaps when they beco­me a live expe­ri­ence – when a still life beco­mes a tableaux vivant – in the Rosen­thal shop, for examp­le. We were asked to give them that extra touch – along with the shop win­dows and pack­a­ging design. We also crea­ted a brand news­pa­per which is so attrac­ti­ve that it can be used as gift wrap. After all, inter­nal and exter­nal values are equal­ly important at Rosenthal.

Mother-child chair

A table, note­pad, and dou­ble chair – desi­gned for Tho­mas. The seven dwar­ves would be deligh­ted! Final­ly, they’d be able to eat bre­ak­fast with Snow White as equals. And tho­se who aren’t busy eating an egg or drin­king cocoa can paint ins­tead. Becau­se a lar­ge drawing pad covers the table­top of the Pain­ting Desk desi­gned by ate­lier 522’s crea­ti­ve team. Of cour­se, our white mother-child fur­ni­tu­re is sui­ta­ble for use in nur­se­ries or wai­t­ing rooms, and not only the kitchen.

Matching outfit for Campbell‘s

Anyo­ne can admi­re and purcha­se art. But only a litt­le mana­ge to make art an inte­gral part of their lives. Becau­se muse­um visits and the necessa­ry means hard­ly suf­fice. Phil­ip Rosen­thal came up with the idea of offe­ring assi­s­tance. The por­ce­lain manu­fac­tu­rer deve­lo­ped a pro­duct line tog­e­ther with avant-gar­de artists. Andy War­hol was one of them. And Rosen­thal ent­rus­ted the crea­ti­ve stu­dio in Mark­dorf with the pro­mo­ti­on of Warhol‘s Campbell‘s in por­ce­lain. We deve­lo­ped a com­pre­hen­si­ve com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on con­cept, from pos­ters to pack­a­ging, that lea­ves peop­le wan­ting more War­hol in their homes.