Pro­me­ga is a glo­bal com­pa­ny pro­vi­ding inno­va­ti­ve solu­ti­ons and tech­ni­cal sup­port to the life sci­ence rese­arch indus­try. Dri­ven by curio­si­ty and exci­ted by rese­arch, Pro­me­ga has been sup­por­ting sci­en­tists world­wi­de for almost half a cen­tu­ry. An exci­ting and at the same time pionee­ring indus­try. The sign­pos­ting sys­tem on the new com­pa­ny grounds and in the new pre­mi­ses can also be descri­bed as pioneering.

Trailblazing communication

It does­n’t mat­ter whe­re you are, whe­ther it’s a uni­ver­si­ty, a muse­um or an office buil­ding. Whe­ther you are a visi­tor or an employee – the ques­ti­on “Which way is it?” can ari­se in any com­pa­ny or public buil­ding. Pro­me­ga had alrea­dy approa­ched us for sup­port when they were still in the shell con­struc­tion pha­se of their Ger­man head­quar­ters in Wall­dorf in the Rhi­ne-Neckar district. What they wan­ted was an over­all con­cept for a way­fin­ding sys­tem for the indoor and out­door are­as, inclu­ding a path through the sports grounds. And an intel­li­gent and dura­ble solu­ti­on was also nee­ded to make the glass par­ti­ti­ons more obvious and pre­vent peop­le wal­king through them by acci­dent. We deli­ve­r­ed effi­ci­ent and memo­r­able ans­wers that skil­ful­ly embed­ded them­sel­ves in the exis­ting struc­tures and com­ple­men­ted them in 2 and 3 dimensions.

This way!

Clear lines for easy ori­en­ta­ti­on in 3‑dimensional space. The result was the crea­ti­on of visu­al ori­en­ta­ti­on aids. On the basis of spe­cial­ly desi­gned ste­les and archi­tec­tu­ral sur­faces, you will find let­te­ring and pic­to­grams that gui­de you pur­po­se­ful­ly through all dimen­si­ons of the com­pa­ny without attrac­ting too much atten­ti­on. From the car park to the foy­er. From the base­ment to the roof. From the path through the company’s own sports grounds to the deli­very area. Inspi­red by exis­ting ver­ti­cal struc­tures wit­hin the buil­ding, we also deve­lo­ped addi­tio­nal bar­code-like glass mani­fes­ta­ti­ons to pre­vent peop­le wal­king through par­ti­ti­ons, which crea­te the gra­phic link to the company’s pro­fes­sio­nal identity.

Significant sign language

What do pic­to­grams have to do with pro­duct design? Qui­te a lot, when you think about our design work for Pro­me­ga. We gave ever­ything that can and should be a con­ta­ct point insi­de and out­side the buil­ding a mea­ning­ful icon with a long-distance effect: whe­ther it be the sports room, the locker faci­li­ty or sani­ta­ry con­ve­ni­en­ces – the taxi zone or e‑bike par­king. Modern and at the same time timeless. We have app­lied a gra­phi­cal­ly unmistaka­ble signa­tu­re to Pro­me­ga with our holistic gra­phic con­cept, a signa­tu­re that has beco­me an inte­gral part of the company’s cor­po­ra­te identity.

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Dir gefällt das?
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