novum magazine

The world, just as
we like it!

Fol­low your intui­ti­on. Take the plun­ge. Lis­ten to your inner voice. Like you did as a child. Dan­cing bare­foot across the mea­dow in the morning dew – fee­ling the first rays of sun on your face. Dive in. How can spaces be trans­for­med into ent­i­re worlds in their own right? Is the­re even enough room for gre­at adven­tures? Defi­ni­te­ly! You just have to reco­gni­se it. We were given the oppor­tu­ni­ty to turn the cover of novum – World of Gra­phic Design into a tem­pora­ry play­ground for our ima­gi­na­ti­on. Which, by the way, is some­thing we all should do – sei­ze oppor­tu­nities. Whenever they ari­se. Think big, without limits. Awa­ken your inner child.

Motion design

“Art does not reflect the visi­ble. Art makes things visi­ble.” A quo­te from the pain­ter and gra­phic artist Paul Klee. Good ani­ma­ti­on works on the same princip­le. What should be visi­ble? What should remain in the back­ground? What streng­t­hens or inhi­bits the power of the ima­gi­na­ti­on? Which sto­ry should be told? And for whom? Let’s get star­ted. Time to get moving. Abo­ve all, towards others.

Cover design

A fea­ther in the cap of every com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on desi­gner – being cho­sen to design the maga­zi­ne cover of novum – World of Gra­phic Design. We have recei­ved this honour not once, but twice. We were asked to design the front and back. Fur­ther­mo­re, we crea­ted a litt­le gim­mick with a big impact – by ani­ma­ting the tit­le using a visua­li­sa­ti­on tool for mobi­le devices. It con­sists of an app and a web-based CMS sys­tem. By the way, we can even use it to dis­play prin­ted pro­jects in mul­ti­ple dimen­si­ons. Who wants to go first?

Spaces become worlds

What would the world look like if ever­ything was only prac­ti­cal and logi­cal? Would the­re still be room for sweets and mer­ry-go-rounds? Don’t we all want to eat more ice cream and less spi­n­ach? We inspi­re and crea­te. We give ide­as space and form. Our inter­di­sci­pli­na­ry team of pro­duct desi­gners, inte­rior desi­gners, archi­tects, phi­lo­so­phers, eco­no­mists, copy­wri­ters and com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on desi­gners work clo­se­ly tog­e­ther to crea­te uni­que worlds. And bring them to life. So that visi­ons can beco­me beau­ti­ful new realities.