School Canteen Stockach


How do you encou­ra­ge pupils to learn? Good food is a gre­at way to start. Food for the brain, so that the brain can learn. Tog­e­ther with Stock­ach coun­cil, ate­lier 522’s stra­te­gic design depart­ment used this as a basis to deve­lop a cohe­rent con­cept for the can­te­en in Nellenburg-Schule’s new buil­ding. What struc­tu­ral engi­nee­ring oppor­tu­nities are the­re, what do the pupils and tea­chers need – and what could encou­ra­ge the right com­pa­ny to take over the facility?

Leading design

The new dining hall and out­door area should be modu­lar and effi­ci­ent, while pro­mo­ting a sen­se of well­being and acting as a haven. From now on, tables of dif­fe­ring heights will allow seats to be free­ly and uncon­ven­tio­nal­ly selec­ted. Along with slo­ping beams forming semi-trans­pa­rent retre­at opti­ons. The use of natu­ral mate­ri­als such as stone and wood crea­tes a dura­ble, unbreaka­ble design with a finish that remains dyna­mic and clear. School can defi­ni­te­ly also be cool!

Space-defining gastronomic architecture

Semi-trans­pa­rent beams are not only extre­me­ly eye-catching, but also enab­le dif­fe­rent are­as to be intel­li­gent­ly defi­ned. Space-defi­ning, yet restrai­ned. A real all-round inte­rior design talent. Such as the acoustic panels that ensu­re plea­sant back­ground noi­se when hol­ding a deba­te, brain­stor­ming or sim­ply enjoy­ing a good laugh. Four hat­ches ins­tead of the usu­al two also now allow food to be ser­ved more effi­ci­ent­ly, while ensu­ring that diners have more time to relax during their lunch break.

Ser­vice phases:
LPH 1 – 8
Total area:
365 m²
Con­struc­tion time:
10 mon­ths

Once learned, never forgotten

Who? How? What? How come? For what rea­son? Why? To play­ful­ly help pupils to learn during their lunch break, we cove­r­ed the dining hall walls with a host of fun facts in an attrac­ti­ve typeface. Such as why lemons float, but limes do not. A crea­ti­ve com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on con­cept that has been a tre­men­dous success.