Playing with

Sus­tainab­le work in inte­rior design has many facets – espe­cial­ly in retail design. Don’t we all want to pro­du­ce less was­te, earn more and always enjoy what sur­rounds us? In retail, we are dealing with eco­lo­gi­cal, eco­no­mic and social sus­taina­bi­li­ty issu­es. We gene­ra­te a timeless sta­ge for the right ans­wers, sta­ging pro­ducts in such a way that they tell sto­ries and are fun to look at. Like the Hof­mann fashion stores in Laupheim.

Experience sees the patina on the new

Genui­ne mate­ri­als acqui­re an indi­vi­du­al pati­na as they age and unwa­verin­gly stand up to stor­my expe­ri­en­ces. Con­cre­te, steel, brick, fils and glass take up sto­ries and con­ti­nue them. Histo­ry has been writ­ten in Hofmann’s fashion stores sin­ce 1946. In recent years we have rede­si­gned the pro­duct dis­play and crea­ted space for high­lights at the point of sale. Modern and trend-con­scious mer­chan­di­se is pre­sen­ted in two stores, on a total area of more than 1,500 squa­re metres, in a high-qua­li­ty and timeless environment.

Shining from the inside

Zoning and shop fit­ting with well-posi­tio­ned ligh­t­ing ensu­re a plea­sant shop­ping expe­ri­ence. Exci­ting sur­face struc­tures flag up high­lights and pro­vi­de a frame­work for collec­tions. Shop fit­ting is desi­gned in such a way that it pro­vi­des the right set­ting for each pro­duct group and show­ca­ses it bril­li­ant­ly. To achie­ve this, we advi­sed a major bre­akthrough in advan­ce, qui­te liter­al­ly: the cei­ling on the ground floor was par­ti­al­ly remo­ved. As a result, you can see the who­le archi­tec­tu­re with its dif­fe­rent levels and gal­le­ries as soon as you enter the store. This encou­ra­ges you to explo­re the buil­ding which has an urban twist – polis­hed screed floo­rs, expo­sed con­cre­te walls and expo­sed ven­ti­la­ti­on systems.

Ser­vice phases:
LPH 1 – 9
Total area:
1,500 m²

With love for the senses

Wall dis­play sys­tems and free-stan­ding fur­ni­tu­re were com­ple­te­ly rede­ve­lo­ped, lea­ving ple­nty of room for pro­duct dis­plays and embel­lish­ments. Old cast-iron indus­tri­al win­dows and upcy­cled wood on the jeans wall were also used. The mate­ri­als used trans­port pure, authen­tic fee­ling onto the sur­face. And we also pro­vi­ded a mul­ti­sen­so­ry expe­ri­ence at the cash desk. The con­trast bet­ween smooth wood as a sup­port and the rough and gra­phi­cal­ly struc­tu­red base made of bricks remains in the memory.

Less shows more

It is not just the beau­ti­ful atmo­s­phe­re that invi­tes you to lin­ger. The gra­phi­cal­ly simp­le gui­d­ance sys­tem of our com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on desi­gners skil­ful­ly gui­des you through all levels of the Hof­mann shop­ping world. The indi­vi­du­al brand pre­sen­ces are inte­gra­ted into the shop design just as cle­ver­ly and crea­te clear order.