Gessler 1862

A world of experiences
for the senses

The rede­si­gned Gess­ler 1862 book­shop in Fried­richs­ha­fen is no place for aloof aca­de­mics. Gran­ted, you will find a lot of books here – on (almost) all topics. Howe­ver, the­re is also an abundance of life­style. To share, to look at, to expe­ri­ence for yourself. Some so-cal­led “book peop­le” might turn up their noses at the very idea. But then they would miss out on the olfac­to­ry expe­ri­ence of men’s fra­gran­ces and regio­nal spe­cia­li­ties. In addi­ti­on to the “take-away delights”, the­re is ple­nty to enjoy here. The café-bar adjoi­ning the book­shop ser­ves won­der­ful home­ma­de deli­caci­es – from cakes and soups to quiches and other dai­ly spe­cials. Deve­lo­p­ment of the over­all con­cept, con­sul­ting on the inte­rior design and pro­duct ran­ge, web and gra­phic design as well as the deve­lo­p­ment of givea­ways – all of this has made the Gess­ler 1862 brand sto­ry a shi­ning gold nug­get in the other­wi­se rather grey and indus­tri­al “zep­pe­lin city”.

Book retailer of the future

We desi­gned a timeless brand sto­ry for this tra­di­tio­nal book­shop with more than 150 years of histo­ry. And to bring this sto­ry to life, we crea­ted a shop full of beau­ti­ful things. With a snazzy café, which invi­tes you to brow­se and enjoy the culi­na­ry delights. The arm­chairs liter­al­ly devour you with cosi­ness. As do the sur­roun­dings. And that’s the who­le idea – it’s a won­der­ful place to get lost. In the spe­cial, the­med sec­tions based on ent­i­re litera­ry decades.

Ser­vice phases:
LPH 1 – 9
242 m²
Con­struc­tion time:
4 weeks

A world of experiences instead of ordinary retail

Fee­ling good in a feel-good envi­ron­ment. The colour con­cept: natu­ral. Sty­lish. All the colours of Lake Con­stance can be found in the flowing cement mosaics at the bar. The sales­room exu­des sim­pli­ci­ty and high qua­li­ty thanks to restrai­ned tones and a design that incor­po­ra­tes stai­ned oak, brass, moss-green curtains and sub­t­le gold accents. Sli­ding glass doors bet­ween the two main rooms sepa­ra­te – if desi­red – the shop from the café and bar.

Timeless corporate design

Book­shops have a decisi­ve advan­ta­ge over other shops, becau­se their pro­ducts fire our ima­gi­na­ti­on. We not only incor­po­ra­ted this intan­gi­ble asset into the cor­po­ra­te design, but also made it visi­ble. By crea­ting things to reach out and touch. From ele­gant busi­ness cards and a let­ter­head to give-aways, note­pads and full-blown sta­tio­ne­ry, on which the new com­pa­ny logo has been ent­hro­ned ever sin­ce. And for tho­se who pre­fer rea­ding menus to lite­ra­tu­re, we also crea­ted deli­cious menu designs.

Just online

Diver­se, but care­ful­ly selec­ted. Our web design for Gess­ler 1862 also reflects its clientele’s appre­cia­ti­on of beau­ti­ful things. And books, natu­ral­ly. Hard­ly sur­pri­sing, then, that we cho­se to express our­sel­ves online ent­i­re­ly in clas­sic litera­ry fonts. Spea­king of which, the new web­site makes sear­ching for prin­ted works as pre­cise and fast as if you had your own, per­so­nal libra­ri­an lea­ding you past row after row of litera­ry tre­a­su­res. A suc­cess sto­ry that makes a gre­at read. We were hap­py to help wri­te it.