Formative clarity

We are eye peop­le. But this has­n’t always been the case. It has been a long road to the domi­nan­ce of the sen­se of sight. It has taken several cen­tu­ries, even mill­en­nia. But what it can mean to actual­ly grasp some­thing with our hands, to feel it, is some­thing we enjoy all the more as soon as we reco­gni­se the right shape. For examp­le, a FSB door hand­le. The East West­pha­li­an door hand­le manu­fac­tu­rer atta­ches gre­at impor­t­ance to hap­tics. After all, he sees his hand­les as the per­cei­ved cal­ling card of a flat or a house. And of cour­se the tra­di­tio­nal com­pa­ny from Bra­kel also pays atten­ti­on to good loo­ks and design. Which is why it pla­ced its exhi­bi­ti­on stand design and shop con­cepts in our hands. We made it a prio­ri­ty to visual­ly com­mu­ni­ca­te the sec­tion dealing with door hand­les from the “Who’s Who” of the desi­gner sce­ne. In such a way that the eye gui­des the hand to touch.

Design that lasts forever

It’s as if they had always been the­re: embed­ded in clas­sic sys­tem con­struc­tion with an opti­mum joint grid, we deve­lo­ped our modu­lar and fle­xi­ble shop con­cept for FSB as a sta­ge for archi­tec­tu­ral and design icons such as Nor­man Fors­ter, Matteo Thun or Jasper Mor­ri­son that is worthy of them. All design sizes com­bi­ned on one wall. Various pro­duct ran­ge modu­les cura­ted by us on simp­le lin­ole­um modu­lar panels and accom­pa­nied by emo­tio­nal­ly char­ged visu­al worlds by artist Sarah Illen­ber­ger. A uni­que shop con­cept in timeless aes­the­tics, which we rol­led out in 40 stores around the world, from Shang­hai to Berlin.

Welcome to Miami

Miami, the city at the sou­thern tip of Flo­ri­da, regu­lar­ly attracts inter­na­tio­nal tra­de fairs. The ide­al hot spot for FSB. Buil­ding on the cla­ri­ty and sys­te­ma­tic natu­re of the FSB logo, which was crea­ted by none other than Ger­man desi­gner and gra­phic desi­gner Otto Aicher, we crea­ted a tra­de fair stand design that, with its simp­le restraint, brought the poe­try of each indi­vi­du­al pro­duct to the fore. A calm­ly aes­the­tic and the­re­fo­re fasci­na­ting con­cept that for­med the basis of the glo­bal shop rollout.