Redensification Markdorf

Stilted dwellings
on dry land

They have stood on Lake Con­stance for cen­tu­ries – stil­ted dwel­lings. Houses on stilts in the water. In Mark­dorf at the foot of Geh­ren­berg, one such examp­le stands on dry land in the midd­le of an urban envi­ron­ment. The chal­len­ge faced by this pro­ject was the tiny buil­ding plot, mea­su­ring just five metres wide and 26 metres long. A base­ment? Defi­ni­te­ly not. Ins­tead, the­re were exis­ting par­king spaces that had to be pre­ser­ved. To meet this chal­len­ge, we set our­sel­ves a high crea­ti­ve goal.


Made of wood. Sleek, modern and yet home­ly. A resi­den­ti­al pro­per­ty was to be built on the for­mer site of seven gara­ges. A house – which instant­ly reve­als that the aim here was to build a tall struc­tu­re, becau­se it stands on storey-high sup­ports. So you can park at ground level, direct­ly under the house. An unusu­al type of house for a town, admit­ted­ly. But the­r­ein lies its appeal.

Interior design

The nume­rous south-facing win­dows amply illu­mi­na­te the open-plan kit­chen, as well as the dining area exten­ding over both floo­rs and the lounge in the open-plan gal­le­ry on the first floor. In con­junc­tion with the exten­si­ve use of wood, the result is har­mo­nious ligh­t­ing that is a cen­tral the­me throughout the ent­i­re house.

The expan­si­ve north-facing glass faca­de pro­vi­des the ide­al ligh­t­ing to crea­te, sub­t­ly yet visi­b­ly, dif­fe­rent moods in the stu­dy, guest room and mas­ter suite. The­se win­dows also allow a uni­que view of one of Linzgau’s hig­hest moun­tains – Geh­ren­berg. An ide­al balan­ce bet­ween inti­ma­te spaces and open vis­tas. Fros­ted gla­zing con­ce­als the bathroom and dres­sing room from the neigh­bours’ view, yet still allows day­light to enter.

Ser­vice phase:
LPH 1 – 8
150 m²