Eternit Sunskin

Power Plant

100 squa­re metres of roof sur­face at a 10-degree slo­pe gene­ra­te about 1,000 kilo­watt hours of ener­gy per year. And how much green electri­ci­ty do you pro­du­ce? A ques­ti­on that strikes a chord with us. After all, we are all respon­si­ble for shaping pla­net Earth in such a way that it remains liveab­le for future genera­ti­ons. So we were deligh­ted when Eter­nit (Schweiz) AG asked us to sup­port a cam­pai­gn to find an ans­wer to that ques­ti­on. And it comes in the form of a high­ly effi­ci­ent solar panel cal­led Sunskin.

Sustainably beautiful

Sunskin is the sus­tainab­le sys­tem solu­ti­on for pho­to­vol­taic sys­tems on buil­ding roofs that per­fect­ly com­bi­nes aes­the­tics and eco­lo­gy. The panel modu­les with their frameless, flat shape inte­gra­te per­fect­ly into roof land­s­capes. We set to work with the focus on this ener­gy-rich potential.

Our aim was to tar­get archi­tects with their spe­cial demand for aes­the­tics in just the right way. To achie­ve sus­tainab­ly suc­cess­ful sales, our work invol­ved pro­du­cing a ren­de­red key visu­al, a pro­duct fly­er, pro­duct video and lan­ding page. Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on ele­ments that would all speak the same visu­al lan­guage and clear­ly con­vey the key message.


Communicated in a tangible way

A 6‑page fol­ding card with a laser-etched cover that offers a glim­pse of the world’s most natu­ral ener­gy source – the sun. In this spe­cial pro­duct fly­er, we put all the advan­ta­ges of Sunskin down on paper in an infor­ma­ti­ve and crea­ti­ve way. One that cau­sed a posi­ti­ve stir among the dis­cer­ning rea­ders­hip of the maga­zi­ne for archi­tec­tu­re and urba­nism, ARCH+, when it was inclu­ded as a high-qua­li­ty insert.


Naturally located

The need to save ener­gy cos­ts with solar ener­gy and thus redu­ce the bur­den on the envi­ron­ment is beco­m­ing ever grea­ter. But how exact­ly does a solar ener­gy sys­tem work? We pro­du­ced a simp­le yet con­vin­cing info­gra­phic to shed light on the sub­ject by illus­tra­ting how a solar ener­gy sys­tem works and showing the various pos­si­ble uses of the ener­gy gene­ra­ted from it.

We also deve­lo­ped a key visu­al that makes the bound­less scope for design visi­ble at a glance and is loca­ted in the midd­le of a moun­tain land­s­cape, a refe­rence to Eternit’s Swiss headquarters.


Luminous communication

And becau­se things that make sen­se deser­ve an appro­pria­te plat­form, we also crea­ted a lan­ding page for Eternit’s effi­ci­ent solar modu­les. We crea­ted a lucid mes­sa­ge in the same design style as the other means of com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on, i.e. sui­ta­ble for the tar­get group of archi­tects and other sus­tainab­le aes­the­tes inte­res­ted in this solar ener­gy sys­tem. Who still wants to con­su­me electri­ci­ty in a con­ven­tio­nal way?

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Dir gefällt das?
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