Under the surface


From design to buil­ding – from sketch to faça­de. As a spe­cia­list for sur­face tre­at­ment of alu­mi­ni­um, BWB offers a wide ran­ge of high-qua­li­ty (alu­mi­ni­um) finis­hes and colour varia­ti­ons. With the mar­ket launch of Per­mag­rey, the com­pa­ny has pre­sen­ted an inno­va­ti­ve colour spec­trum in timel­ess­ly ele­gant anthr­aci­te shades, which can be used to indi­vi­dual­ly rea­li­se archi­tec­tu­ral visi­ons. For Per­mag­rey and the Color Collec­tion 01, we deve­lo­ped a cohe­rent approach to the tar­get group as well as an incisi­ve key visu­al. One that allows the view­er to immer­se him­s­elf per­cep­ti­b­ly in the BWB pro­duct world.

Timelessly aesthetic

Alu­mi­ni­um com­pon­ents that per­man­ent­ly with­stand even extre­me wea­ther con­di­ti­ons: with the launch of Per­mag­rey, BWB brings dura­bi­li­ty, vari­an­ce and varie­ty to the design of faça­des. We have ensu­red that the mes­sa­ge gets to whe­re it is sup­po­sed to go – to the archi­tec­ts. With con­fi­dence-inspi­ring lan­guage and attrac­tive visu­al worlds. And becau­se desi­gning buil­dings affec­ts us all, we have put tog­e­ther a coor­di­na­ted colour ran­ge with the Color Collec­tion 01, which turns alu­mi­ni­um sur­faces into colou­red high­light mate­ri­als, for examp­le in our urban envi­ron­ment.


See. Marvel. Touch

Archi­tec­ts and desi­gners are peop­le of the sen­ses. For the mar­ket launch of Color Collec­tion 01, we the­re­fo­re deve­lo­ped a packa­ging that visual­ly and hap­ti­cal­ly empha­si­ses the timeless aes­the­tics of the pro­duc­ts. The result is a sty­lish sam­ple box that pres­ents four selec­ted colours in the form of slim sam­ple boards. See. Mar­vel. Touch. And be inspi­red.

Wonderfully versatile

Ano­di­sing with Per­mag­rey does not scratch the sur­face – it chan­ges at a deeper level. Las­ting and dura­ble. To authen­ti­cal­ly reflect the­se attri­bu­tes, we liter­al­ly took the plun­ge with our key visu­al. We focu­sed on the phy­si­cal manu­fac­tu­ring pro­cess and used an aes­the­tic moving image, making the trans­for­ma­ti­on of the unpro­tec­ted metal into dura­ble Per­mag­rey alu­mi­ni­um visual­ly tan­gi­ble.

Fantastically digital

Every pro­duct deser­ves a sta­ge worthy of it. Our tar­ge­ting approach to archi­tec­ts cent­red on a style gui­de for a lan­ding page that sty­lish­ly shi­nes a spot­light on the Color Collec­tion 01. With memo­r­able texts and expres­si­ve images that empha­si­se the qua­li­ty and dura­bi­li­ty of the pro­duct in a spe­cial way. Coor­di­na­ted with the news­let­ter, ban­ner and soci­al media pre­sence – for con­sis­tent and mea­ning­ful over­all com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on.

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Finely painted

Even sup­po­sed­ly rough land­s­capes are home to ico­no­gra­phic archi­tec­tu­re. We used sphe­ri­cal-loo­king archi­tec­tu­ral ren­de­ring, embed­ded in the rough land­s­cape of the North Atlan­tic, to neat­ly com­mu­ni­ca­te the lon­ge­vi­ty of the faça­de pro­duct. Car­ri­ed to the out­si­de world via digi­tal and ana­lo­gue com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on chan­nels.