Black Cabin


Stop time for a moment. Com­ple­te­ly suc­cumb to the here and now. Find yourself. Make space for your real needs. Sim­ply let yourself be – far from the urban hust­le and bust­le. The­re remain some small, hid­den para­di­ses whe­re you can do all this. In Oder­bruch near the Ger­man-Polish bor­der in Sophien­thal, for examp­le. A roman­tic retre­at for anyo­ne wan­ting to be at one with natu­re. This is whe­re the Black Cabins are loca­ted. Lovin­g­ly desi­gned gar­dens adjoin end­less rol­ling fiel­ds – a view that invi­tes you to linger.

Take your morning sho­wer in the open air. Eat lunch over­loo­king the rol­ling land­s­cape. And spend the evening hours star­ga­zing around an open fire. The­re is pro­bab­ly nowhe­re bet­ter to do this than here in Oder­bruch, with a total of 4,000 squa­re metres of open space not far from tren­dy Ber­lin. A dream come true for owner and pho­to­gra­pher Chris­toph Sagel, which he is only too hap­py to share with others. We hel­ped him to crea­tively plan and imple­ment his vision.

4,000 m²
Ser­vice phases:
LPH 1 – 8

It starts with two sepa­ra­te black cabins, who­se cosy slee­ping are­as lure you insi­de. The adja­cent sau­na and loun­gers on the woo­den ter­race beck­on you to enjoy the peace and quiet together.

The spa­cious out­side area with a kit­chen and out­door oven is also an ide­al place to hold bois­te­rous par­ties, wel­co­me friends and enjoy each other’s com­pa­ny without being dis­tur­bed. And if you sim­ply wish to allow your gaze to roam, the north-facing win­dows bring the Oder’s expan­si­ve mea­dows liter­al­ly to your bedsi­de. Made of pure wood, the­se char­ming cabins not only ensu­re a per­fect indoor cli­ma­te, but can also be assem­bled on site in next to no time, ther­eby sup­por­ting sus­tainab­le construction.

And becau­se we sim­ply can­not get enough of this kind of retre­at, we have added ano­t­her ensem­ble to the­se Black Cabins. The new luxu­ry cubes each mea­su­re 8 x 4 metres, with their indi­vi­du­al rooms com­bi­ning to form a har­mo­nious who­le. Be it phi­lo­so­phi­sing tog­e­ther around the crack­ling sto­ve or rela­xing alo­ne in the sepa­ra­te bedroom – ever­yo­ne can expe­ri­ence wha­te­ver they like here. It could not be more idyl­lic. Boo­kings can be made at: