Stories with
real depth

As the “face” of buil­dings, faca­de designs are as mul­ti­fa­ce­ted as the archi­tec­tu­re its­elf. To ensu­re unli­mi­ted design free­dom in this area, Alu­co­bond, as a sub­si­dia­ry brand of 3A Com­po­si­tes GmbH, manu­fac­tures high-qua­li­ty alu­mi­ni­um com­po­si­te panels that imi­ta­te the inter­play of light and shadow on the faca­de, giving it depth, plasti­ci­ty and pro­fi­le. For this cus­to­mer, we took care of the archi­tect com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on, deve­lo­ped three new faca­de struc­tures, and desi­gned the pro­duct brochu­res as well as a matching refe­rence site for the web.

Strategy & Consulting

If you want to appeal to archi­tects, you need more than the right sto­ry – aes­the­tics also play a major role. For Alu­co­bond we deve­lo­ped a sales tool that meets the­se requi­re­ments: fold­able sam­ple panels. Mil­led. Prin­ted. Pre­pa­red with gra­phics. The­se enab­led us to go one step fur­ther and trans­form the various pro­ces­sing opti­ons from fan­ta­sy to reality.

Architecture of contrast

Sharp-edged fea­tures or round, cur­ved faca­des – in each case with high-con­trast image­ry. If your buil­ding needs to make a posi­ti­ve state­ment, Alu­co­bond with its pre­mi­um ‘Faca­de Design’ solu­ti­on is your go-to part­ner. The panels used in the company’s ‘Print & Free-form’ modu­lar solu­ti­on can be indi­vi­du­al­ly shaped and addi­tio­nal­ly prin­ted. The panels also impress with their figu­ra­ti­ve plasti­ci­ty and, depen­ding on the posi­ti­on of the sun, bring new dimen­si­ons to the faca­de. A new sta­ge for the inter­play of light and shadow.

Product design

Sam­ple boards, but without a cle­ver trick? Not our style! For the new pro­duct design, we indul­ged our play­ful instincts – and deve­lo­ped shapes and gra­phics that com­mand atten­ti­on. The resul­ting mil­led mate­ri­als can be fold­ed and thus crea­te a com­ple­te­ly new approach to faca­de design. Whe­ther dia­go­nal, ver­ti­cal or both com­bi­ned – prin­ted or gra­phi­cal­ly enhan­ced – archi­tects now want to play with the­se panels. Plasti­ci­ty, suc­cess­ful­ly sta­ged. For sto­ries with real depth.

Web design

And becau­se good sto­ries are for sharing, we also added a cor­re­spon­ding refe­rence page to Alucobond’s exis­ting web­site. It’s enti­t­led “Faca­de Show”. And it does­n’t disap­point. Desi­gned with gre­at atten­ti­on to detail, pro­jects can now also be fil­te­red pre­cise­ly, intel­li­gent­ly and on the basis of the tar­get group. It’s well worth a visit – and not only once.