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About moti­va­tions and beliefs

Office for Stra­te­gy & Design

We inter­pret space as a play­ing field for fan­ta­sy and crea­ti­vi­ty. We give envi­ron­ments a dis­tinc­ti­ve note that makes you want to dis­co­ver them with all your senses.

The magic
of romance

“What is plea­sant is the acti­vi­ty of the pre­sent, the hope of the future and the memo­ry of the past.” Aristotle

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Inti­ma­cy & space

Our ele­ment is the aes­the­tics of encoun­ter. Whe­re the beau­ty of calm is reflec­ted, that’s whe­re we’­re at home.

voya­ges of discovery

“If you chan­ge the per­spec­ti­ve, you see things in a com­ple­te­ly new light.” Engel­bert Schinkel

Beau­ty excites

Schil­ler wro­te that beau­ty paves the way from fee­ling to thought – so let us give you some­thing to think about!

voya­ges of discovery

Open your eyes and mind to new paths – reco­gni­se oppor­tu­nities and sei­ze them. With trust and con­fi­dence. Be bra­ve. We are expe­ri­en­ced at wal­king a fine line and are depen­da­ble com­pa­n­ions. Join us on a mea­ning­ful jour­ney of experience?!

Memo­ries of the future

Pain­ting ima­gi­na­ry cast­les, blowing bub­bles and lots of sto­ry­tel­ling. Anyo­ne viewing the world through children’s eyes has the poten­ti­al to chan­ge it, both crea­tively and sustainably.

When spaces
are trans­for­med into worlds

We speak the lan­guage of beau­ty. To achie­ve this, we adopt dif­fe­rent per­spec­ti­ves and points of view. Lea­ve well-trod­den paths to make your visi­ons a mul­ti-sen­su­al experience.

We walk high and dive deep. Are loud but some­ti­mes quiet too. Nar­row­ness and expan­se. Insi­de and out. Far and near. Online, off­line and bet­ween the lines. We set the sce­ne for the invi­si­ble. Awa­ken memo­ries. Always with an eye for the all-embra­cing. Down to the smal­lest detail. For the aes­the­tics of encoun­ter. And what appeals to you?

Online, Off­line,
bet­ween the lines

“Clear the sta­ge …!” is pas­sé. Today, the­re is no noi­se of flou­rish, bal­ly­hoo and curtain drop. The sta­ging needs to catch the eye almost inci­dent­al­ly .


Flo­ri­an Graf – “Ways to the place”

Bet­ween ima­gi­na­ti­on and functionality

Wan­de­ring tra­ders climb bet­ween the lines. Along the times that move and linger.

Why or
why not?

As a team, we don’t just want to find some­thing new for our cus­to­mers, we also want to imple­ment it in a new way. In such a way that it is of las­ting use and gives pleasure.