More room for the unexpected 

An exci­ting year is coming to an end. Com­pa­ra­ble to a memo­ry from che­mis­try and phy­sics les­sons whe­re we were just wai­ting for some­thing unpre­dic­ta­ble to hap­pen. Some­thing goes wrong, mis­ses the mark, may­be even bursts into flames …

We pro­ba­b­ly lear­ned more from a fai­led attempt in class than if it had suc­cee­ded. Just go ahead wit­hout kno­wing what will hap­pen. That is the attrac­tion of the expe­ri­ment. Espe­ci­al­ly in a time as exci­ting as the pre­sent. That’s what tho­se who are alre­a­dy prac­ti­sing it say: “Just sit­ting around and com­plai­ning about the world is cer­tain­ly more expen­si­ve than try­ing some­thing out! (Andre­as Mur­ku­dis*). Becau­se we can only gain. In case of doubt, at least insight, know­ledge and experience.

Let us be cou­ra­ge­ous. For some­thing new, for some­thing unex­pec­ted. Some­thing that sti­mu­la­tes the mind to work. Let’s “revi­ta­li­se” space tog­e­ther in the new year, exploit the poten­ti­al on site. Crea­te space for oases of beau­ty. Sta­ging. Touch the sen­ses. Be a good host – in ana­lo­gue and digi­tal places of encoun­ter. We wish you and your fami­ly healt­hy holi­days and a bril­li­ant start to 2021.

* Issue Tex­til­Wirt­schaft No. 47

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