Stadler plant engineering

Stad­ler Anla­gen­bau Bra­ve new working world In the begin­ning was the uni­ver­se. The name for a beau­tiful, order­ly, vir­tuous world. In this world, a monk once pla­ced his bureau over the unpo­lished wood of the first desk to pro­tect the pre­cious things (parch­ment and wri­tin­gs). The bureau was an office table cover­ed with a cloth and epi­to­mi­sed qua­li­ty and […]

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Cor­e­um tech­no­lo­gy that inspi­res Core – the heart. Forum – the plat­form. Hos­pi­ta­li­ty and expe­ri­men­ta­ti­on. All wrap­ped up in one word: Cor­e­um. The 120,000 squa­re met­re test site in Stock­stadt am Rhein ope­ned its doors in autumn 2018. Here you can expe­ri­ence and learn live what will shape and build our urban envi­ron­ment of the future. Technologies

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Pro­me­ga Pro­gress through iden­ti­ty Pro­me­ga is a glo­bal com­pa­ny that pro­vi­des inno­va­ti­ve solu­ti­ons and tech­ni­cal sup­port for the life sci­ence rese­arch indus­try. Dri­ven by curio­si­ty and inspi­red by rese­arch, Pro­me­ga has been sup­port­ing sci­en­tists world­wi­de for almost half a cen­tu­ry. An exci­ting and pio­nee­ring indus­try. The signage sys­tem on the new com­pa­ny pre­mi­ses and in

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BZM Signi­fi­cant signs What do tea­chers, pupils and signal­ling have in com­mon? They are often the unob­tru­si­ve heroes of ever­y­day life in their very own way! From sign­posts and signs to pic­to­grams and signage – signal­ling gui­des us through the laby­rinths of ever­y­day life and crea­tes ori­en­ta­ti­on and order in the cha­os. It does not serve

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Groundbreaking communication

“It is not the wind that deter­mi­nes the direc­tion, but the sail.” Sin­ce time imme­mo­ri­al, natu­ral sign­posts, signs, sym­bols, objects and buil­dings have ser­ved com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on and ori­en­ta­ti­on – and not just sin­ce Odys­seus’ 10-year odys­sey on the high seas. But what are the pre­re­qui­si­tes for suc­cessful ori­en­ta­ti­on so that the jour­ney does not beco­me an Odys­sey? When should a chan­ge of cour­se take place?

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MUKS More space for adven­ture A mon­key, a hor­se and a who­le suit­ca­se full of gold pie­ces meet talen­ted and inven­ti­ve dare­de­vils with fan­ta­stic abili­ties, such as tur­ning the day upsi­de down. The world of child­ren is free, explo­ra­to­ry, wild, strong, intui­ti­ve and bound­less. Child­ren are immu­ne to prag­ma­tism and remind us again and again of what

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Hofmann’s game of sym­bo­lism Sus­tainable work in inte­ri­or design has many facets – espe­ci­al­ly in retail design. Don’t we all want to pro­du­ce less was­te, earn more and always enjoy what sur­rounds us? In retail, we have to deal with eco­lo­gi­cal, eco­no­mic and social sus­taina­bi­li­ty issues. To find the right ans­wers, we gene­ra­te a timeless

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Roto Stadt der Zukunft Intel­li­gen­tes Ver­knüp­fen von Lösun­gen, Sicher­heit, Ener­gie­ma­nage­ment und Kom­fort im Haus: dafür steht Roto. Seit Jahr­zehn­ten setzt das Unter­neh­men Maß­stä­be in Sachen Qua­li­tät, Funk­tio­na­li­tät und Design. Ob lang­le­bi­ge Fens­ter­lö­sun­gen mit opti­ma­ler Ener­gie­ef­fi­zi­enz, oder form­schö­ne Türen mit intel­li­gen­ten Sicher­heits­sys­te­men – Für ein Wohn­ge­fühl der Extra­klas­se, ver­ei­nen Roto Pro­duk­te aus­ge­klü­gel­te Tech­nik mit ästhe­ti­scher Perfektion.

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