Eat­rena­lin The restau­rant of the future How do you crea­te mul­ti-sen­so­ry worlds that com­bi­ne enter­tain­ment and culina­ry delights at the hig­hest level? Eat­rena­lin is not­hing less than the most exci­ting cate­ring expe­ri­ence in the world. A spe­cial pie­ce of theat­re in which the inter­play of all the sen­ses plays a key role. In order to stage this mul­ti-sen­so­ry expe­ri­ence down to the smal­lest detail, an exten­si­ve script was […]

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Eatrenalin Suites

Eat­rena­lin sui­tes Fairy­ta­le (t)space expe­ri­en­ces A visit to Eatre­an­lin, the restau­rant of the future, not only crea­tes a thirst for know­ledge and adven­ture, but often also a litt­le tra­vel fati­gue. If you want to reco­ver from the sen­so­ry impres­si­ons of the day in rela­xed sur­roun­dings – wit­hout having to do wit­hout an ori­gi­nal ambi­ence – four dif­fe­rent sui­tes await you, atta­ched to the restau­rant. We have the

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