Black Cabin

Black Cabin Earth­ly idyll Stop time for a moment. Sur­ren­der com­ple­te­ly to the here and now. Feel insi­de yours­elf. Give space to your true needs. Just be – far away from the hust­le and bust­le of the city. They still exist, the litt­le hid­den para­di­ses whe­re you can do all this. In the Oder­bruch not far from the Ger­man-Polish bor­der in […]

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The magic of beauty

So does the secret of life lie in the search for beau­ty? The desi­re to ans­wer this ques­ti­on sweeps us into the vast sea of meaningful ide­as. To attract atten­ti­on and make waves, we design col­la­ges of emo­ti­on and infor­ma­ti­on – always with an eye for the “beau­tiful” and the goal of making a brand successful.

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The feast

The last cross­roads whe­re we turn off. A long ave­nue lined with pop­lars indi­ca­ting the way. The gent­le rust­ling crunch of the gra­vel dri­ve­way anti­ci­pa­ting our host’s elbow shake, the flowers in the win­dow, red wine sta­ins from past visits … What do we remem­ber after a party? 

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somersaults in the head

Buil­ding, rom­ping, hiding, giving free rein to ide­as, doing somer­saults in our heads: we play­ed as child­ren. And we were hap­py doing it. Espe­ci­al­ly when we play­ed tog­e­ther. We inven­ted new things, flew in our minds to undis­co­ver­ed uni­ver­ses, crea­ted our very own worlds with all our senses.

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