Die Eiche

The oak tree Archi­tec­tu­re of encoun­ter Lübeck’s Han­sea­tic har­bour has calm waters. A gent­le bree­ze blows around the brick faça­des of num­e­rous his­to­ric buil­dings. In the cent­re of the old town is an impo­sing clin­ker brick buil­ding with an orna­te woo­den door: the colum­ba­ri­um in the old gran­ary “Die Eiche”. The indi­vi­du­al approach to death – embedded in the cul­tu­re of the city of Lübeck, socio­lo­gi­cal­ly broad­ly loca­li­sed, accompanied […]

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MUKS More space for adven­ture A mon­key, a hor­se and a who­le suit­ca­se full of gold pie­ces meet talen­ted and inven­ti­ve dare­de­vils with fan­ta­stic abili­ties, such as tur­ning the day upsi­de down. The world of child­ren is free, explo­ra­to­ry, wild, strong, intui­ti­ve and bound­less. Child­ren are immu­ne to prag­ma­tism and remind us again and again of what

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Montfort Castle

Mont­fort Cast­le Awa­ken­ed from its slum­ber A buil­ding straight out of a fairy tale: Mont­fort Cast­le in Lan­genar­gen on Lake Con­s­tance reve­als some­thing that has long lain dor­mant – archi­tec­tu­ral grace. In the 19th cen­tu­ry, the cast­le was given its name by King Wil­helm I. Over the cen­tu­ries, the pro­per­ty, built in the extre­me­ly rare Moo­rish style, ser­ved as a magni­fi­cent villa,

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Hopfengut No20

Hop­fen­gut No20 Once the hops scratch you … you can’t get rid of them. It was no dif­fe­rent for us when we immer­sed our­sel­ves in the world of hops. We crea­ted a coher­ent brand con­cept for Hop­fen­gut No20 in Tett­nang and brea­thed life into it. Online and off­line. This is how the for­mer muse­um beca­me a

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