Andermatt Mira

Ander­matt Mira Alpi­nes Woh­nen mit Stil Inspi­riert von der Magie der Ber­ge kann man im idyl­lisch gele­ge­nen Alpen­dorf Ander­matt, inmit­ten in der Schweiz, ein beson­de­res Woh­n­er­leb­nis ent­de­cken: Mira. Basie­rend auf einem sechs­ecki­gen Grund­riss ver­schmel­zen hier 18 Apart­ments zu einem stil­vol­len Ort des alpi­nen Woh­nens. Die Archi­tek­tur ver­bin­det typisch schwei­ze­ri­sche Ele­men­te mit klas­si­schen ita­lie­ni­schen und schafft […]

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Bette Places

Bet­te Places Inspi­ra­tio­nal worlds Gent­le as a fea­ther – powerful as a rock. Water has always been a pri­mal force. An ele­ment that pro­vi­des both strength and rege­ne­ra­ti­on. Bet­te con­nects peo­p­le and water. With archi­tec­tu­ral bathing ele­ments that inspi­re and acti­va­te; that crea­te soot­hing ritu­als of expe­ri­ence through a flowing design lan­guage with the hig­hest level of pre­cis­i­on craft­sman­ship. A pro­mi­se that we ful­fil with

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Kaufmann Building Systems

Kauf­mann Buil­ding Sys­tems Buil­ding wit­hout limits Natu­ral wood forms the spaces for social living, co-working are­as, kin­der­gar­tens, con­nec­ting accom­mo­da­ti­on and other places for peo­p­le to meet and stay. With its warm radi­ance, the mate­ri­al ensu­res human well-being and crea­tes a har­mo­nious rela­ti­onship bet­ween insi­de and out­side. A sys­tem in harm­o­ny with high eco­no­mic and eco­lo­gi­cal objec­ti­ves. Design

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Andermatt Pazola

Ander­matt Pazo­la Moun­tain palaz­zo with con­tem­po­ra­ry com­fort A palaz­zo-like resi­dence with an ele­gant, con­tem­po­ra­ry ambi­ence. Pazo­la is nest­led bet­ween the snow-cap­ped peaks of Ander­matt. An ensem­ble of 19 luxu­rious flats and pent­hou­ses bet­ween 80 and 140 squa­re met­res, com­bi­ning ele­ments of Ita­li­an urban archi­tec­tu­re and typi­cal Swiss design. We have sel­ec­ted some of the most important

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