Bette Places

Bet­te Places Inspi­ra­tio­nal worlds Gent­le as a fea­ther – powerful as a rock. Water has always been a pri­mal force. An ele­ment that pro­vi­des both strength and rege­ne­ra­ti­on. Bet­te con­nects peo­p­le and water. With archi­tec­tu­ral bathing ele­ments that inspi­re and acti­va­te; that crea­te soot­hing ritu­als of expe­ri­ence through a flowing design lan­guage with the hig­hest level of pre­cis­i­on craft­sman­ship. A pro­mi­se that we ful­fil with […]

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Visplay – Retail

Vis­play (R)evolutionary worlds of expe­ri­ence You can talk a lot about store con­cepts. At some point they have to be built. When one of the most important manu­fac­tu­r­ers of fur­nis­hing sys­tems pres­ents us with the task, it sparks our inven­ti­ve spi­rit wit­hout much ado. The aim was to deve­lop a shel­ving sys­tem that sets new stan­dards for retail envi­ron­ments: indi­vi­du­al and aes­the­tic – the Omnio struc­tu­ral system

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novum magazine

novum Maga­zi­ne The world as we like it! Fol­low your intui­ti­on. Take the plun­ge. Lis­ten to your inner voice. Just as it was taken for gran­ted as a child. Dancing bare­foot across the mea­dow in the mor­ning dew – the first rays of suns­hi­ne on your nose. Immer­se yours­elf. How can you trans­form spaces into worlds of their own? Is the­re even enough space for

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