Reichert 1850

In flux
of the time

Who do I want to be – and how? Admit­ted­ly, you only know the ans­wer to some ques­ti­ons yours­elf. But when it comes to fashion, Rei­chert 1850 is way ahead. Retail com­pe­tence that has las­ted for almost two cen­tu­ries. But time demands con­stant chan­gea­bi­li­ty. And so the fami­ly busi­ness from Nagold has long sin­ce seen its­elf not only as a pure clot­hing store, but rather as a warm host that makes shop­ping a memo­rable expe­ri­ence. Com­mit­ted, honest, ser­vice-ori­en­ted. Values that are won­derful­ly in line with ours.

Mirror, Mirror
on the wall

What face does a fashion house have to give its­elf in order to stand out from the boo­ming but anony­mous online trade? This was the ques­ti­on facing the tra­di­ti­on-rich fashion house Rei­chert 1850. We asked our­sel­ves. And we found an ans­wer: an excel­lent­ly cura­ted assort­ment alo­ne does not keep cus­to­mers in line. Expe­ri­en­ces and ser­vice are just as important – and they need a lively, exclu­si­ve inte­ri­or design. But it’s the mix that makes the dif­fe­rence! That’s why we let our ima­gi­na­ti­on run wild and let modern appeal dance tog­e­ther with nost­al­gic cha­rac­ter. An exci­ting space and pro­duct pre­sen­ta­ti­on that can only be expe­ri­en­ced in the fle­sh offline.

Ser­vice phases:
LPH 1 – 5
Total area:
738 sqm
Con­s­truc­tion time:
3 months

No pure fulfilment of purpose

A bag to go with a new dress – a belt to go with new jeans. The fashion house not only meets the tas­te of its cus­to­mers in terms of fashion. The sales are­as with adjoi­ning bar area also pro­mi­se pure plea­su­re for the sen­ses. Feel, see, tas­te, smell, hear – our store con­cept fol­lows the maxim “expe­ri­ence per squa­re met­re”. To achie­ve this, we gut­ted the 738 squa­re met­res of shop space and rede­si­gned the inte­ri­or. Start­ing with the recep­ti­on area, which is begui­lingly attrac­ti­ve with its new sty­lish cof­fee bar, to the tidy shop design, which now offers more insight and per­spec­ti­ve with its clean character.

Honest material world

Com­pe­tence, pas­si­on and enthu­si­asm for fashion, access­ories and enjoy­ment spread over four flo­ors. For a new design from a sin­gle mould, we focu­sed on a uni­form design: Screed flo­or, expo­sed con­cre­te walls and raw cei­lings with expo­sed tech­no­lo­gy ins­tead of sus­pen­ded grid panels. MDF and OSB panels mate­ri­al­ly sepa­ra­te the ladies’ and gents’ worlds and, tog­e­ther with black steel frames, speak a clear lan­guage of form in the pre­sen­ta­ti­on of goods. The who­le thing is refi­ned with his­to­ri­cal buil­ding ele­ments such as time-hono­u­red doors or antique fur­ni­tu­re, which run like a red thread through the enti­re retail design. An extra­or­di­na­ry stage set, based on a very spe­cial cor­po­ra­te philosophy.

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