Freedom & Encounter

Glas Marte

Con­s­truc­tion exper­ti­se at the hig­hest level. Whe­ther over­si­zed for­mats, unex­pec­ted are­as of appli­ca­ti­on or all-glass con­s­truc­tion – with inno­va­ti­ve tech­no­lo­gies, indi­vi­du­al designs and paten­ted pro­ducts, the glass spe­cia­list responds to all requi­re­ments. Glas Mar­te not only impres­ses with tech­ni­cal know-how, the com­pa­ny also speaks the lan­guage of aes­the­tics. Just like us.

That’s why we desi­gned the image bro­chu­re, which com­bi­nes tech­no­lo­gi­cal sen­si­ti­vi­ty and aes­the­tics – out­side and insi­de. With a mini­ma­list-redu­ced design and refi­ned details in the finis­hing. Hot-foil embos­sing on the soft cover, shor­ten­ed insi­de pages, par­ti­al, full-sur­face var­nis­hing for “reflec­tion” on the sur­face and a deli­be­ra­te inter­play bet­ween tech­ni­cal details and impres­si­ve archi­tec­tu­ral pho­to­graphs. Know­ledge can be so impres­si­ve­ly elegant.


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