Time for experiments

An exci­ting year is coming to an end. Com­pa­ra­ble to a memo­ry from che­mis­try and phy­sics les­sons whe­re we were just wai­ting for some­thing unpre­dic­ta­ble to hap­pen. Some­thing goes wrong, mis­ses the mark, may­be even bursts into flames …

The feast

The last cross­roads whe­re we turn off. A long ave­nue lined with pop­lars indi­ca­ting the way. The gent­le rust­ling crunch of the gra­vel dri­ve­way anti­ci­pa­ting our host’s elbow shake, the flowers in the win­dow, red wine sta­ins from past visits … What do we remem­ber after a party? 

somersaults in the head

Buil­ding, rom­ping, hiding, giving free rein to ide­as, doing somer­saults in our heads: we play­ed as child­ren. And we were hap­py doing it. Espe­ci­al­ly when we play­ed tog­e­ther. We inven­ted new things, flew in our minds to undis­co­ver­ed uni­ver­ses, crea­ted our very own worlds with all our senses.

The changing face of trade

In anci­ent Greece, the­re were three types of trad­ers: Kape­loi, Nauk­le­roi and Empo­roi. Trans­la­ted in modern terms, kape­los would be the local trader, nauk­le­ros the inter­na­tio­nal midd­le­man with his own shop con­cept and empo­ros the franchisee.

Architecture with depth

Gro­wing with pro­jects. Giving them mea­ning and soul. That is what we stri­ve for at ate­lier 522. In doing so, we always enga­ge anew – with envi­ron­ments, moods and visi­ons. And to what is alre­a­dy pre­sent in reality.

Where desire arises

Riding bare­foot in the mor­ning dew, wild and bare­back across the mea­dow, dancing on the boat, cat­ching the last rays of the sun on your nose. Dive in. Dive in. Sai­ling into distant worlds. The real ones and the ones that spring from the ima­gi­na­ti­on. What do the­se posi­tively char­ged places have in com­mon? A strong attrac­tion emana­tes from them.