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Theater Konstanz

graphic design
“Murder on the Säntis” is the title of the opera staged by the Stadttheater Konstanz (Constance City Theatre) in summer 2011. 2508 metres above sea level, right next to where the incident occurred, the original location of the double murder, which is the key part of the libretto plot. The suspected perpetrator – an itinerant cobbler. The two victims: the weather station attendant and his wife. The circumstances were just as mysterious as they were unexplained – still after 89 years. There is a lack of plausible motives. And the rumour mill didn’t stop churning. Objectivity was required. The press were only provided with facts and a police file: copies from the police archive, photos of the crime scene and interesting information about the opera. You can’t get more exciting than that. Especially considering that attention was generated amongst the public prior to the cultural event, by means of cleverly launched clues on advertisements and posters. Expertly played, on both sides.