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retail design

1360 square metres – a retail project of massive proportions. We are talking about the new young fashion store by shopping centre specialist Dodenhof from Posthausen near Hamburg. On two floors customers will find all of the latest trends. And the overall concept for the interior design was by atelier 522. And for once the rain was intentional – because it is simply an integral part of a typical spring day. “Let it rain” is one of the songs that inspired the ladies’ area of the young fashion store. Fresh, bold, uncomplicated - in a setting in which clouds hang from the ceiling, customers can check out the latest ladies’ fashions. Raindrops drip down the wall. The silhouette of a horse pricks up its ears. Another song? Go on then! “You are so beautiful”. A romantic adventure for young women who can enjoy trying out all the latest trends. And the men’s department is just as dazzling. “Electric feel” is the title of the song on the top floor, as written in neon-lettering on a dark background. It goes without saying that the look for the men’s department is more sober and down-to-earth than that of the ladies. With robust minimalism the steel displays and the exposed concrete convey the level of solidity required for fashionable experiments.


where: Posthausen | Germany

service phase: 1 - 9

floor area: 1360 m2