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hospitality design

All aboard this luxurious vessel! A ferry ride is an impressive experience – especially if you’re on board the Uthlande. Crossing over from Föhr to Amrum becomes a real journey. The sea air, the view of the horizon and elegant loungers invite you to luxuriate in the upper deck romance of the luxury liner from the heyday of passenger shipping. And the appeal also has a lot to do with the material suggested by our interior designers: dark teak and mahogany with leather upholstery ensure you’ll be cosy and comfortable even when the sea is choppy. At the same time they act as a contrast to the light floorboards and the painted steel of the ship’s structure. Our designers experimented with similar materials and colour contrasts on the Lake Constance trips between Constance and Meersburg, as well as Friedrichshafen and Romanshorn. Once again there was an air of luxury: panelled walls with tasteful upholstered seating. And on leaving the docks of the Zeppelin city or trade fair hub passengers can embark on their journey while taking in the tasteful, minimal Bauhaus style surrounding them.


where: ferry Uthlande | Föhr - Amrum | Germany

service phase: 1 - 9

floor area: 1419 m2