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Cortal Consors

Product & Industrial Design

The aim was to put into practice an advertising concept developed by the agency PlanNet for Cortal Consors. In an out-of-home campaign the brand message of Cortal Consors was not only to be communicated to the target group online but also offline. With this in mind atelier 522 focused on a very literal play on words and designed an “online Bank” (or online “bench”: the word ‘Bank’ also means bench in German) whose backrest also served as a table. An integrated hotspot and electrical sockets allows users to surf for free and charge up their mobile devices.

The monolithic structure with large sloping surfaces and floating volumes results in a powerful, exciting and dynamic appearance. The bench is a steel construction covered in Corian. The brand image of Cortal Consors is effectively reflected thanks to the use of corporate colours and a highly individual design vocabulary. The bench was placed in Munich airport and was being used within a short space of time. The aim – to increase the profile of Cortal Consors outside the internet – was met and surpassed all expectations. Over 1000 people logged in whilst sitting on the bench and passed this information on via diverse social media channels. Following this great success the “online bench” will be making an appearance in other German airports this year.