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trade fair booth

Serafini, the company from Iserlohn, presented itself in a highly original way at the Euroshop trade fair. As well as the series of products and systems, atelier 522 also designed the trade fair stand for Serafini. Classic shop-fitting with lashings of fantasy, dreamily displayed – making everyone want more. Serafini had its own four walls at the trade fair: a clearly structured wooden box with imaginative installations. The space exuded a great atmosphere and offered a place of retreat that invited people to linger with its lounge-like atmosphere. Serafini presented the multifaceted qualities of its systems in an entirely original way. They were affixed to the wall on different colour fields and materials. The clear and thematically arranged montages of the systems were completed with original details – great chalk sketches and loving created textile graphics. A curved wall system for presenting underwear and a hanging system with mirrored rear wall was covered in coats made up of lipsticks. In addition to the system presentation with the help of word imagery Serafini imaginatively communicated its company philosophy and presented its additional expertise in other materials with small display boxes.


where: Euroshop | Düsseldorf | Germany

service phase: 1 - 9

floor area: 131 m2

construction time: 5 days