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retail design

Fashion store bredl decided to focus on a “bathhouse” look for its new-look shop. During construction work they stumbled across the remains of a bathhouse dating back to the Middle Ages. So redesigning the young fashion area on the lower storey and experimenting with the associations that come with “bathing” proved to be an interesting challenge for atelier 522 from Markdorf. The basement became a “creative playground” for the interior designers from Lake Constance: as part of a slightly different concept, along with the idea of sustainability, an original method was used to “turn old into new” and brand shops were cleverly integrated with the help of individually designed elements. Upon entering the ground floor the shopper’s attention is instantly drawn to what’s going on downstairs: extra-long swimming pool ladders placed in the stairwells served as a presentation space for hanging items, leading the eye straight down to the focal point of the store.


where: Ravensburg | Germany

service phase: 1 - 9

floor area: 400 m2

construction time: 3 days