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Product & Industrial Design

Instead of using grandma’s traditional cookie-cutters for your Christmas baking this year, how about making biscuits in the shape of a Nana, the famous mother figure with the voluptuous body designed by Niki de Saint-Phalle, or perhaps a Villa Rotonda by Palladio or even a Panton chair? Star-Bakery is offering you cookie-cutter designs by your favourite artist or architect. Three series each with five different designs offer significant motifs from the works of famous architects, artists and designers.

An address says a lot. And a door, house number and mailbox say even more. But what reveals the most is the house itself and the ambience it exudes. So why not bring all of these components together in harmony? From wall elements to coat hangers, from the newspaper rack to the doorbell panel and from presentations to the complete showroom, the shop- fitting service and product manufacturer from Iserlohn is presented here in a vivid and harmonious way.