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Reichert 1850

Retail & Interior Design

What sort of look does a medium-sized fashion house need to have to set itself apart from the booming, but anonymous online retail trade? This was the question that confronted the long-established Reichert 1850 store in Nagold, to which the atelier 522 team helped them to find a conclusive answer: a perfectly curated product range alone will not keep customers interested for long. Experiences and service are just as important – and these require a lively and exclusive interior design.


738 m² of retail space was gutted for the store’s transformation, and the interior was completely redesigned. From the entrance area featuring an integrated café to the uncluttered shop design, Reichert 1850 provides customers with views into and throughout the store, creating special moments for them to enjoy.


The choice of materials is also honest and straightforward: bright screed floors, exposed concrete walls and bare ceilings with the building technology on show instead of suspended ceiling panels. MDF and OSB panels separate the men’s and women’s departments from one another. Combined with black steel frames, the design has clean lines in terms of how the products are displayed.


However, the store only gets its distinctive character when this trendy minimalist look is blended with nostalgic elements: outfits are displayed in front of antique doors, furniture and objets trouvés, while neon signs blaze beside them. An exciting way to display products, as can only be experienced offline.