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atelier 522 roto trade fair fensterbau frontale 2016 outside view
atelier 522 roto trade fair fensterbau frontale 2016 view through
atelier 522 roto trade fair fensterbau frontale 2016 catering
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trade fair booth

Roto stands for reliability, quality and service. Without Roto we all would feel a little colder during wintertime, since they are the worldwide biggest producer of window and door technology. While these elements are hardly noticed, there relevance is undeniable. For Roto’s trade fair design on the “Fensterbau Frontale” atelier 522 strove to make the invisible visible.  Themed “stability connectes”, atelier 522 created a village consisting of 21 houses which presented the perfect stage for Roto’s products. The houses were arranged in a way which made enough way for visitors to walk around and discover Roto’s products.


With the help of graphic elements, areas were subdivided according to five different categories. The highlights were installations consisting of two-dimensional graphics which transformed into three-dimensional objects. Various products. Dangling window handles formed a huge oversized window handle. Gear wheels gearing into each other demonstrated how differently processes run and underline the possibility of optimizing with the help of services from Roto.


where: Nuremberg | Germany

service phase: 1 - 9

floor area: 1185 m2

construction time: 5 days