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Rosenthal – Thomas

Product & Industrial Design

Porcelain is elegant but fragile, precious but stylish. Which doesn’t exactly make the noble material the most practical choice for the rough and ready daily lives of young families. Or for people who move around a lot and have to pack up their belongings on a regular basis. The downside of mobility usually involves glass breakages and cracked kitchenware. In short: the “good china” is bought later on in life – when things are more settled. Not really an ideal solution – according to the traditional porcelain manufacturers from Rosenthal. After all, they believe that food and drink and the whole culture of mealtimes, constitute an important part of our existence. According to them, to compromise on style here would be quite a heavy price to pay, robbing us a little of quality of life. And we at atelier 522 agree. So that's why we happily got involved in an intensive cooperation with the porcelain manufacturer from Upper Frankonia. Our creative team came up with an all-round concept especially for the Rosenthal brand Thomas. It covers everything from the design of the shops and the communication down to the design of new products. The indisputable highlight is that we even got to design furniture for the sales area specifically for the Thomas brand. Which just goes to show that porcelain can be mobile after all.