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Powershop 2


Today’s retail interiors need to accommodate a diversity of functions. While serving as an attractive backdrop for the products on display, a retail interior also represents and reflects brand identity – and, in many cases, doubles as a showroom, event space or gallery.

Powershop 2 provides a global view of visionary retail spaces and offers readers a unique opportunity to visit 200 outstandingly designed stores which appear in two volumes. Volume 1 – Fashion – presents single and multi-brand clothing stores. Volume 2 – Anything (but fashion) – opens the doors of flagships, boutiques, shops-in-shops, showrooms and temporary stores for accessories, shoes, eyewear, books, food, cars and much more.

All of those featured exemplify an exceptional architectural quality together with the inventive use of lighting and colours, innovative materials and bespoke furniture designs, to create the ultimate atmospheric environment for their products. Additionally, eight specialist essays addressing the challenges facing tomorrows retail sector provide an interesting glimpse into the future.