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Serafini and atelier 522 have been connected by a long history. The Paul Serafini LTD, based in Iserlohn, looks back on a 70-year-old history of their company. atelier 522 is at their side to continue this history by means of  their analytic methods, strategic counselling and corporate designing. It all started with creating POS products. What followed was the joint conception of stores for customers, and also Serafini’s in-house showroom was conceived by our architects and interior designers. In recent years, the range of products has been widened by exterior and interior products and a coherent corporate design has been developed.

Product designers, communication designers, interior architects and business economists working under the same roof are meticulously planning products and systems for Serafini.

They develop and create catalogues, websites and shops that fit for providing the communicative background for a representative trade fair design. A brand is expected to convey stability, safety and beauty like a house. In that sense at atelier 522 they all work together for displaying brands coherently.

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