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atelier 522 tragbar pure Retaildesign Shop
atelier 522 tragbar pure Retaildesign Shop
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retail design

Transformation of a listed building into an interactive and inviting store. An exclusive fashion store and a landmarked, listed building don’t have to be a contradiction in terms when atelier 522 takes on the store design. The dictates of historical building specifications become style elements. A dream world is created and the perfect backdrop for your new outfit. The interior design of the listed tragbar.pure store in Esslingen is a mix of steel, concrete, glass, wood and leather. The result: an exciting mix of contrasts and free space for playful ideas. Custom-built product displays made from square steel frames are almost works of art in their own right. They communicate with the exquisite décor, with a wall overgrown with plants behind the store’s counter – a reference to Chekhov’s play “The Cherry Orchard”. And every customer makes their mark. With their soles on old stone, new concrete flooring; every step contributes to the patina. A concept that combines the “touch me” aspect of a store to the “protect me” aspect of a historical listed building, resulting in an interactive, inviting space.


where: Esslingen | Germany

service phase: 1 - 9

floor area: 140 m2

construction time: 8 weeks